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Coparmex or Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana is the Mexican Employers' Association.

Current President: Lic. Gerardo Gutiérrez Candiani.

Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX)

The Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) is a voluntary membership business organization, which brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors, looking through representation in the workplace and society. Its more than 36,000 member companies across the country are responsible for 30% of GDP and 4.8 million formal jobs.

COPARMEX consists of a network of 65 business centers, 10 Federations, 3 Performances and 14 delegations in all states of the Republic. In addition, 28 national working committees dedicated to the study and creation of proposals on major issues of the economy and society.

History and Nature of Coparmex[edit]

COPARMEX was founded on September 26, 1929, at the initiative of Don Luis G. Sada, a Monterrey industrialist who in Industrial Delegations Convention of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce and Industry released his idea of forming a separate organization to the Chambers established by law.

COPARMEX works to achieve harmony in relations between employers and workers themselves. Through promoting a new labor culture it acts for the development of a market economy with social responsibility. It encourages the active participation of its partners, aimed at create the conditions necessary for the common good. It defends the legitimate rights of our members in their capacity as entrepreneurs and drive social reforms, economic, legal and policies to promote national development.


Contribute to the establishment of conditions for the prosperity of all Mexicans that promote increasing social cohesion, for companies to develop, multiply and do their job-creating role of wealth and social responsibility.


Being an independent institution of reference for the business community and society in general for its significant contribution to the development based on competitiveness and free competition in all areas of the country, and the establishment of conditions for the prosperity of all Mexicans.

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