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DBU Copenhagen (Danish: DBU København) (Copenhagen Football Association Danish: Københavns Boldspil-Union until 1 February 2011) is a local football association in Copenhagen, Denmark. DBU Copenhagen is a member of the Union of Local Football Associations in Denmark (FLU) under the Danish Football Association (DBU) and Danmarks Idræts-Forbund (DIF). Clubs situated in the municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Tårnby and Dragør can be accepted as members of DBU Copenhagen. Due to historical reasons a number of older clubs from other municipalities are also member of the association.

DBU Copenhagen publishes the magazine Københavnsk Fodbold (English: Copenhagen Football). It has six annual issues and is published in 5000 copies.

DBU Copenhagen members[edit]

A chosen selection of DBU Copenhagen members and their current place in the divisions or other levels administrated by the Danish Football Association.[1] The remaining members play in series administrated by DBU Copenhagen:


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