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The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra (Danish: Sjællands Symfoniorkester), also known as the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra, is a symphony orchestra which both serves as Danish Regional Orchestra for the island of Zealand and, for the summer season while the Tivoli Gardens are open, as resident orchestra in the Tivoli Concert Hall.


The history of the orchestra dates back to 1843 when Georg Carstensen in connection with the opening of the Tivoli Gardens engaged Hans Christian Lumbye to be responsible for music in the gardens. Ever since the orchestra has performed in the gardens during the summer season. In 1846, the orchestra was expanded to 33 members and started to perform symphony concerts under the name Tivolis Orkester. In 1848, the composer Niels Gade started to arrange concerts in Copenhagen with the musicians from the Tivoli Orchestra as a basis for the winter concerts.[1]

Until 2009, the Orchestra was based in the Tivoli Concert Hall. Since then the Copenhagen Philharmonic has been based at the former Danmarks Radio concert hall which is now the concert hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. But during the summer season, while the Tivoli Gardens are open, it continues to perform in the Tivoli Concert Hall under the name the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra.


Chief conductors[edit]

Year Keeper
 ?  ?
1996–2000 Heinrich Schiff
2000–2005 Giordano Bellincampi
2007–present Lan Shui

Other conductors[edit]

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