Copiapó River

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Copiapó River
Rio Copiapo seco.jpg
Río Copiapó, through the city of Copiapó
Mouth Pacific Ocean
Basin countries Chile
Length 162 km [1]
Source elevation 1,230 [1]
Avg. discharge 3,7 m3/s [2]
Basin area 11,400 km² [1]

Copiapó River is a river of Chile located in the Atacama Region. Starting at the confluence of the Jorquera and Pulido rivers, the Copiapó flows for only 2.5 km before receiving the waters of the Manflas River.[1]


Coordinates: 27°19′S 70°56′W / 27.317°S 70.933°W / -27.317; -70.933