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The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria has many churches and congregations in Europe and on 2 June 1974 Pope Shenouda III has received in the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria a native Orthodox Church in France known as the French Orthodox Eparchy, along with their Primate, who in turn was accepted after consecration into the Episcopate, in the Holy Synod of the Church of Alexandria and hence was appointed their Primate Marcos (Mark), as the first Bishop and Athanasius as Chorbishop of The French Orthodox Eparchy.[1]

Currently there are many Metropolitans and Bishops serving in Europe.


Bishops in Austria:


Saint Mary & Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church.[2]


Further information: French Coptic Orthodox Church

On 18 June 1994 Pope Shenouda III raised the French Orthodox Eparchy to the full status of the French Coptic Orthodox Church

On 19 June 1994, in the presence of 62 Metropolitans and Bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, Pope Shenouda III elevated Marcos (Mark) as the first metropolitan of the Holy Metropolis of Toulon & All France and Primate of the French Coptic Orthodox Church and Athanasius as the Auxiliary Bishop (assistant) to Marcos.


The French Coptic Orthodox Church has a Diocesan Bishop as well as about 11-12 Priests and several Deacons in about 12-15 parishes and missions across France.

  • Athanasios, Diocesan Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Marseille and Primate of the Holy Metropolis of Toulon and of all France, that is The French Coptic Orthodox Church.

The Church is integrated within the Church of Alexandria, but is considered autonomous in matter of governance.[1]


The Coptic Orthodox Monastery of St. Antonious in Waldsolms-Kröffelbach, Germany.


  • Damian, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Höxter-Brenkenhausen and Abbot of the Monastery of St. Mary & St. Maurice.
  • Michail, Bishop & Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great in Kroeffelbach, Germany.

Currently, there are a few thousand Orthodox Copts in Germany, with several monasteries and churches.[3]


Pope Shenouda III, the leader of the Coptic Christian community, consecrated the first Coptic church in Hungary on Sunday 21 August 2011.The church was dedicated to Mother of God, the Holy Virgin Mary, and Archangel Michael. The church is located in Budapest and address is :1185 Budapest,Selmecbánya utca 68.



The Netherlands[edit]

There is a large Coptic Orthodox community in the Netherlands, mainly in the major cities. Currently, they have Churches in Amsterdam, Assen, Eindhoven, Enschede, The Hague, Leeuwarden and Utrecht.


  • Saint Mary and Archangel Michael( Santa Maria y ArcÁngel Miguel)

Alicante, Spain There are also many Coptic communities around Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga.


  • Virgin Mary and Saint Paul church in Stockholm, Sweden; served by Father Bakhomios Demetry and Father Markos Wanis.
    • This church was established by Pope Shenuda III in the year 1993.
  • Saint Mina church (Södertälje- Stockholm, Sweden)


One church in Geneva and one church in Zurich in Geneva: Eglise Copte Orthodoxe de la Vierge Marie de la Suisse Romande - Genève Rue Virginio-Malnati 35, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

The United Kingdom and Ireland[edit]


  • British Orthodox; Seraphim, Metropolitan of the Holy Metropolis of Glastonbury, and Primate of the British Orthodox Church.
  • Bishop Missael, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of the Midlands, United Kingdom. - [1]
  • Bishop Anthony, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Ireland, Scotland & North East England, United Kingdom.
  • Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop & Patriarchal Exarch for the Youth Ministry at the Patriarchal Center and the Coptic Orthodox Theological College at Stevenage, United Kingdom.
  • Eritrean church; Bishop Markos (Mark), Bishop of the Eritrean Church in the United Kingdom. Member of the Eritrean Holy Synod.


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