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Copyright protection in Pakistan is a major economic, political and diplomatic issue.

In a country like Pakistan where laws are very difficult to implement, copyright infringement has always been a concern, and the country has been on the Special 301 Watch List since 1989.

Legislative response[edit]

Pakistan updated its copyright law with amendments in 1992. However, no significant progress against pervasive copyright piracy was made until 1994, when raids against video piracy began. The International Intellectual Property Alliance recommended last year that Pakistan remain on the Watch List, and USTR agreed, while noting "greater efforts to combat copyright piracy".

Loss estimates due to "Piracy"[edit]

Head Loss
Motion Pictures: $10 million
Sound Recordings and Musical Compositions: $ 5.0 million
Computer Programs:
Business Software: N/A
Entertainment Software: N/A
Books: $30.0 million
TOTAL LOSSES $45.0+ million

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