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COR-BON/Glaser Ammunition
Industry firearms
Founded 1982 (1982)
Founder Peter Pi, Sr.
Headquarters Sturgis, South Dakota, U.S.
Products ammunition
Parent Dakota Ammo Incorporated

"Cor-Bon/Glaser Ammunition" is a brand of small arms ammunition produced by Dakota Ammo Incorporated. Based in Sturgis, South Dakota, Cor-Bon/Glaser Ammunition originated when Peter Pi Sr. started making handgun hunting ammo back in 1982 for himself and industry professionals traveling to Africa.

Cor-Bon designed and developed the .32 NAA, essentially a .380 ACP case necked-down to a .32 caliber bullet, and the NAA Guardian .32 NAA pocket pistol in partnership with North American Arms(NAA).[1] At the 2004 SHOT Show, Cor-Bon and NAA introduced their jointly developed .25 NAA.[2]


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