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Coral, The Reef & Marine Aquarium Magazine, is an international periodical serving an audience of amateur and professional aquarists, marine biologists, and coral reef ecologists.

The English-language edition of Koralle, founded in 1999 in Muenster, Germany by Daniel Knop and Matthias Schmidt, Coral is distributed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

In addition to the German and English editions, the magazine also appears in French, Italian, Polish, and Russian. The parent publisher is Natur und Tier - Verlag GmbH.

Published bimonthly by Reef to Rainforest Media LLC in Charlotte, Vermont, Coral is edited by James M. Lawrence, with a board of advisors composed of prominent aquarium authors and marine scientists, including Dr. Andrew Bruckner of NOAA, Dr. Gerald R. Allen of Conservation International, Julian Sprung, and Dr. Sylvia Earle, oceanographer.

The magazine's content is dominated by profiles of tropical marine fish and invertebrate species, combining details of their natural history with information on their husbandry in captive systems. Coral has consistently supported efforts to promote protection of wild reefs and the implementation of sustainable collection practices by the aquarium livestock trade. Editorial coverage of marine breeding research and development of aquaculture projects in Third World countries, where founding editor Knop has been actively involved in propagation efforts involving giant clams (Tridacna spp.) and stony corals.

Other subjects covered include aquarium technology, photographic essays on wild reefs, interviews with marine scientists and researchers, reef news, and profiles of successful aquarium systems.

Coral Magazine