Cordillera Pelada

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Pelada Range
Cordillera Pelada.jpg
View of Fitzroya forests of Cordillera Pelada in La Unión commune
Country Chile
State/Province Los Ríos, Los Lagos
Range coordinates 40°22′S 73°38′W / 40.37°S 73.63°W / -40.37; -73.63Coordinates: 40°22′S 73°38′W / 40.37°S 73.63°W / -40.37; -73.63
Parent range Cordillera de la costa
Orogeny Toco
Period Carboniferous[1]

Cordillera Pelada (Spanish for Bald Range) is a mountain range in Osorno Province and southern Los Ríos Region, southern Chile. It is located along the Pacific coast and forms part of the larger Chilean Coast Range. It got its name pelada from the Spanish word for bare or bald in reference to large fires that once burned the forests on the cordillera.

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