Cordillera Real (Bolivia)

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Cordillera Real
The peaks of the Cordillera Real as seen from the Bolivian Altiplano
Highest point
Peak Illimani
Elevation 21,122 ft (6,438 m)
Coordinates 16°39′14″S 67°47′05″W / 16.65389°S 67.78472°W / -16.65389; -67.78472
Length 125 km (78 mi)
Width 20 km (12 mi)
Country Bolivia
State/Province Altiplano
Range coordinates 17°00′S 67°10′W / 17°S 67.17°W / -17; -67.17Coordinates: 17°00′S 67°10′W / 17°S 67.17°W / -17; -67.17
Parent range Andes
Type of rock granite

The Cordillera Real is a mountain range in the South American Altiplano of Bolivia. This range of fold mountains, largely composed of granite, is located southeast of Lake Titicaca, and east of the Bolivian capital of La Paz, measuring 125 km in length and 20 km in width.[1] Despite the fact that it is only 17° south of the Equator, the Cordillera Real is relatively densely glaciated. This is due to its proximity to the Amazon lowlands with its associated moist air masses.

Summits higher than 6,000 m[edit]

Summits higher than 6,000 m in the mountain range are:

Summits higher than 5,000 m[edit]

Cordillera Real looking north, Illimani in foreground, Wayna Potosí upper left, Mururata to the right

Other notable peaks include:[2]

  • Khunu Tawa, 5,981
  • Mamaniri, 5,970 m
  • Qullu Wich'inka, 5,970 m
  • Wayna Illampu, 5,950 m
  • Qutaña (Pico Schulze), 5,933 m
  • Janq'u Piti, 5,918 m
  • Qillwani, 5,912 m
  • Pirámide, 5,906 m
  • Kimsa Qullu, 5,893 m
  • Qalsata, 5,874 m

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