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MBK Entertainment
Mbk ent.jpg
Parent company CJ Group
Founded 2006
Founder Kim Kwang-soo (CEO)
Genre K-pop
Country of origin South Korea
Location Yeoksam dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Official website mbk-ent.co.kr

MBK Entertainment, formerly known as Core Contents Media, is the main entertainment management label of the CJ E&M Music Performance Division. CJ's company GM Planning (now known as the CJ E&M Music Performance Division) acquired and integrated the three companies — MAXMP3, Poibos, and Mediopia. However, in order to reduce the size, a separate subsidiary was created.

On October 1, 2014, it was announced that Core Contents Media would be changing its name to MBK Entertainment.[1] The name change was complete by November 16, when the new website was launched. MBK is an abbreviation for "Music Beyond Korea".

Recording artists[edit]


Debuted Name Number of Members Leader Gender Fanclub Color
2009 T-ara Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon Qri Female QUEEN'S Pearl Ivory
2012 The SeeYa Minkyeong, Yeongjoo, Yoojin, Yeonkyeong Minkyeong TheSeeYaUnit
2013 SPEED Jungwoo, Taewoon, Yoohwan, Taeha, Jongkook, Sejoon, Sungmin Taewoon Male DEEPS
Nutaz Naino, Venimun


Debuted Name Gender Group Fanclub Color
2004 Kwang Toh Male
2013 Dani Female
2014 Jiyeon T-ara QUEEN'S Pearl Ivory
Seunghee F-ve Dolls (disbanded)


Debuted Name Members Leader Gender Fanclub Color
2013 T-ARA N4 Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon Eunjung Female QUEEN'S Pearl Ivory
QBS Boram, Qri, Soyeon Qri

Maroo Entertainment[edit]

Maroo Entertainment is a subsidiary label of MBK Entertainment.

Year Name Hangul/Hanja Number of Members Leader Gender Fanclub Official Color
2007 Supernova 초신성
6 Yoon Hak Male Milky Way (Japanese) Pearl
2014 1PS 원피스 4 Yena Female 4 Seasons TBA


Former artists[edit]

Recording artists[edit]

Debuted Name Gender Number of Members Leader Departured/ Disbanded Fanclub Color
2006 SeeYa Female 4 Lee Boram 2011 Seeya With You
2007 Black Pearl 4 Oh Nami 2010 Pearl Black
2008 Davichi 2 Haeri 2014 Girls High
2010 Hwayoung 2012 QUEEN'S Pearl Ivory
Coed School Mixed 6 Soomi (former) & Kwanghaeng (former) 2013 Classmates Orange
2011 F-ve Dolls Female 6 Nayeon 2014 Dolly Rainbow
2012 Gangkiz 2 Esther
Lee Areum QUEEN'S Pearl Ivory

1Yangpa debuted in 1996, she debuted under Core Contents Media in 2011.

Former actors/actresses[edit]

Notable former trainees[edit]


  • Cho Kyeongbin
  • Yuki Wong
  • Yang Yujin
  • Choi Jihyun
  • Kim Soyeon
  • Min Sonyeon

  • Park Sangwon
  • Kim Taemin
  • Jung Seongchae
  • Oh Seungri
  • Lorendo



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