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MBK Entertainment
Founded 2006
Founder Kim Kwang-soo
Genre K-pop
Hip hop
Country of origin South Korea
Location Yeoksam dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Official website mbk-ent.co.kr

MBK Entertainment, formerly known as Core Contents Media, is the main entertainment management in the past label of the CJ E&M Music Performance Division. CJ's company GM Planning (now known as the CJ E&M Music Performance Division) acquired and integrated the three companies — MAXMP3, Poibos, and Mediopia. However, in order to reduce the size, a separate subsidiary was created.

On October 1, 2014, it was announced that Core Contents Media to be acquired by MBK Entertainment.[1] MBK is an abbreviation for "Music Beyond Korea".

Recording artists[edit]


Sub-units/Project group[edit]

  • T-ara N4
  • QBS
  • TS


Maroo Entertainment[edit]

Maroo Entertainment is a subsidiary label of MBK Entertainment.

DAP Sound[edit]


Former subsidiaries and partners[edit]

GM Contents Media[edit]


Former artists[edit]

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