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Industry console game development
Founded 2007
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Products Ion Assault
Number of employees

Coreplay is a computer game developer located in Munich, Germany. The company has been founded by Peter Ohlmann and Andreas Drude in 2007. Peter Ohlmann previously worked on The Settlers II, Knights and Merchants and SpellForce 2.

With Ion Assault, Coreplay is the first German game development company that released a game on Xbox Live Arcade.

Their new project Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is announced to be released on February 2012. The game will be a remake of an older game Jagged Alliance 2 by Sir-Tech with additional features of an average graphical 3D engine, "Plan & Go" system and about 60 mercenaries for hire. The company has stated that all the original voice actors will take be present in Back in Action.[1]

Coreplay shut down in September 2013 while Chaos Chronicles was still in development.[2]

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