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Corinthos family
General Hospital family
Type Fictional family
Created by Bill Levinson
Original run August 13, 1993—
Address Greystone Manor
120 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York, U.S.

The Corinthos family is a fictional family from the ABC Daytime soap opera, General Hospital. Created and introduced by Bill Levinson in August 1993, current patriarch Sonny Corinthos, was the first member to arrive in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York. The family was further expanded in 1995 with the arrival of Sonny's father, Mike Corbin. The Corinthos family is known for its involvement in organized crime, the family coffee import business and the revolving love affairs of its' patriarch Sonny. The family is currently represented by Sonny, Dante, Michael, Morgan, Molly, Spencer and Rocco. The Corinthos family is the most powerful mob family in Port Charles, New York. A lot of rival mob organizations have tried to take it down and failed.

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Michael "Mike" Corbin (Ron Hale)
    Born Michael Corinthos, Mike was the patriarch of the Corinthos family, until his portrayer, Ron Hale, made the decision to retire in 2010. Mike struggled with a gambling addiction and forming relationships with his children, whom he reconnected with later in life. Mike fathered two children, Sonny with his ex-wife Adela and Courtney through an extramarital affair with Janine Matthews. The character was written off the series in 2010 when Mike went to a Gambling Rehab Center.[1]
  • Adela Corinthos (Iris Almario)
    Adela escaped from Cuba with her family. She settled in Bensonhurst, New York and soon married Michael Corinthos despite her family's disapproval. Less than a year after marrying Mike, Adela gave birth to their son, Sonny. Mike and Adela divorced and she became involved with Trevor Lansing, later giving birth to their son, Ric. Trevor made Adela choose between Sonny and Ric and Adela was not able to part with Sonny, so Trevor left with Ric. Adela then became involved with Deke Woods, who began physically abusing her. Deke's beatings contributed to an early in life death for Adela.[2]

Second generation[edit]

  • Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. (Maurice Benard)
    Sonny is the only son of Mike Corbin and Adela Corinthos. He was raised as an only child by an abusive step-father Deke, and after Deke's death at the hands of mobster Joe Scully, Sonny became involved in organized crime. Sonny began working for Frank Smith until Smith's death and silently worked up the ranks and became the boss of his own mob organization. He has two siblings from his parents' affairs: Courtney Matthews, Mike's daughter, and Ric Lansing, Adela's son. The character has struggled with his family and extended family for a long time and also struggles with his bipolar disorder since 2006. Sonny has three biological children: Dante Falconeri, with Olivia Falconeri, Kristina Davis, with Alexis Davis, and Morgan Corinthos, with ex-wife Carly Jacks. He also adopted Carly's eldest son, Michael Corinthos. He also had a daughter, Lila McCall, with Sam McCall who was stillborn. He has a grandson, Rocco Falconeri, Dante's son with Lulu.
  • Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis)
    Mike's only daughter with Janine Matthews. Courtney had a strained relationship with her mother, due to Janine lying about her father's death. Her kindness toward Mike strained her relationship with her brother, Sonny, who blamed Mike for abandoning him. Courtney founded the Courtney Matthews Foundation for under-privileged kids. Courtney has one son, Spencer, with Nikolas Cassadine. Courtney died in 2006 during the encephalitis outbreak at General Hospital after giving birth to her son via an emergency C-section.
  • Richard "Ric" Lansing (Rick Hearst)
    Ric is Adela's youngest son and only child with Trevor Lansing. Ric was raised by Trevor without Adela in his life, due to his father taking him away at a young age. Ric had a tumultuous relationship with his brother Sonny, due to Ric's feelings of abandonment after Adela stayed with Sonny instead of leaving with Trevor and Ric. He spent years trying to get revenge on Sonny by taking down Sonny's mob organization but ultimately failed. Ric worked as an attorney and later became involved in organized crime himself by serving as an attorney for mobster, Anthony Zacchara. Ric has one daughter, Molly Lansing, with Alexis Davis. Ric left town in 2009 to move to Los Angeles after he couldn't stand to be around Claudia Zachara after finding out he was not the father of her child and Sonny was.

Third generation[edit]

  • Dante Angelo Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)
    Sonny's son with Olivia Falconeri. Dante came to town in 2009 as an undercover cop with the alias Dominic Pirelli. Dante's assignment was to take down the Corinthos organization, unaware that Sonny was his father. His paternity was revealed when he was shot by his own father. While he began to connect to his three siblings, including his cousins, he had a tumultuous relationship with his father that eventually became better over time. Dante works as a detective at the Port Charles Police Department and married girlfriend Lulu Spencer in 2011. They have one child, a son named Rocco.[3]
  • Michael Corinthos III (Dylan Cash, Drew Garrett, Chad Duell)
    The biological son of A.J. Quartermaine and Carly Corinthos Jacks, Michael was adopted by Sonny at a young age. He was always the golden child in Sonny, but also suffered with most experience from his father. He was kidnapped by A.J. and presumed dead until he was found by his uncle, Jason Morgan, and Sam McCall. He was shot in the head in 2008 and remained in a year long coma offscreen, until the character returned to the screen, awakening from the coma in 2009. When A.J. returned after being presumed dead for seven years, Michael repaired a strained relationship with A.J., but still considers Sonny his father.[4]
  • Kristina Adela Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth, Lindsey Morgan)
    Sonny's daughter with Alexis Davis. Kristina was raised primarily by her mother as Alexis didn't want Sonny's mob business to hurt Kristina. Due to this, Kristina felt abandoned by her dad and had a strained relationship with her father. As a teenager, Kristina rebelled against her parents. She later tried to improve her relationships with both her parents. In 2012, Kristina married Trey Mitchell, the son of her father's mob rival, Joe Scully, Jr. After Trey's death in 2013, Kristina left town to attend Wesleyan University.[5]
  • Morgan Stone Corinthos (Bryan Craig)
    Sonny's biological son with Carly Corinthos Jacks. Morgan was primarily raised by Carly and her husband at the time, Jasper Jacks — as Carly felt after her other son, Michael, suffered the consequences of Sonny's business — and Morgan had minimum contact with Sonny growing up. Carly sent Morgan away to military school in 2011 to keep him safe from the mob. Morgan returned in 2013 resenting his parents for sending him away and his belief they favor Michael. Morgan was married to Kiki Jerome, but their marriage was annulled when Kiki found out he only married her because she was falling for Michael. Furious over Kiki leaving him for Michael, Morgan worked with the Jerome mob family to bring down his father.[6]
  • Molly Lansing-Davis (Haley Pullos)
    Ric's daughter with Alexis Davis. Molly spends a lot of time with her cousins, and has formed a bond with Sonny. The character is characterized as precocious and smart, though she can be a little troublemaker herself from time to time, including while she is dating T.J. Ashford, who's close to the Corinthos mob by Shawn Butler. After a bus accident, Molly suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Molly is a writer who wrote Maine Squeeze and co-wrote the prequel, Love in Maine, with Connie Falconeri.[7]
  • Spencer Stefan Nikolosovich Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel)
    Courtney's only child with Nikolas Cassadine. He was originally thought to be the son of Jasper Jacks, due to Jax switching the paternity test. Courtney dies shortly after giving birth to Spencer from an encephalitis infection. Jax tells Courtney that Nikolas is Spencer's biological father before she dies. Robin Scorpio learns the truth of Spencer's real paternity and reveals it to Nikolas at the baby's christening. The character was written out of the series when he left town with his father in 2011 and returned in 2013. Spencer is primarily raised by his father, and has limited contact with his mother's family, though he has built a relationship with Sonny and his cousins.

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Rocco Falconeri
    Rocco is Dante's son with Lulu Spencer. The child is carried by Dr. Britt Westbourne. Britt implants herself with Dante and Lulu's embryos in an attempt to get back together with Patrick Drake, but later tells him that the baby she's carrying isn't his. When Rocco is born, Britt raises him as her own son. Eventually, the truth comes out, and Rocco is returned to Dante and Lulu.


Corinthos Coffee[edit]

Corinthos Coffee is a legitimate coffee import business owned by Sonny Corinthos. The business also doubles as a front for Sonny's dirty dealings, as some of his coffee shipments also carry illegal contraband. From 2006 to 2008, Corinthos Coffee operated out of a local coffee shop in town where many Port Charles residents went to get coffee. The coffee shop was burned down by rival mobster Andrei Karpov in 2008. Corinthos Coffee is now headquartered at the Metro Court Hotel. In addition to the coffee business, Sonny also owns an Italian restaurant named, Pozzulo's. From 2009 to 2013, Pozzulo's served as a front for his mob operation, until Sonny moved his illegal business dealings to his new Corinthos Coffee location at the Metro Court. Sonny turned over management of Pozzulo's to his son Michael, who made plans to turn the restaurant into a legitimate and thriving eatery.


Family Trees[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance/Marriage
  • Solid = Children
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead

Janine Matthews
Mike Corbin
Adela Corinthos
Trevor Lansing
Nikolas Cassadine
Courtney Matthews
Sam McCall
Carly Jacks
Sonny Corinthos
Olivia Falconeri
Alexis Davis
Ric Lansing
Spencer Cassadine
Lila McCall
Morgan Corinthos
Michael Corinthos
Lulu Spencer
Dante Falconeri
Kristina Davis
Molly Lansing
Rocco Falconeri


Mike Corbin (born Michael Corinthos)
  m. Adela Corinthos [divorced]
    c. Sonny Corinthos (born 1969)
      a. Olivia Falconeri
        c. Dante Falconeri (born 1984)
          m. Lulu Spencer [2011—] (married)
            c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Maxie Jones as surrogate)
            c. Rocco Falconeri (born 2013; with Britt Westbourne as surrogate)
      m. Lily Rivera [1996] (widowed) 
        c. Unnamed child (deceased)
      a. Carly Benson
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      m. Carly Benson [2000–01] (divorced)
        c. Michael Corinthos (born 1997; revised to 1991; adopted by Sonny)
      a. Alexis Davis
        c. Kristina Davis (born 2002; revised to 1992)
          m. Trey Mitchell [2012; annulled]
      m. Carly Benson [2002–05] (divorced)
        c. Morgan Corinthos (born 2003; revised to 1993)
          m. Kiki Jerome [2013] (annulled)
      a. Sam McCall
        c. Lila McCall (stillborn; 2004)
      m. Carly Benson [2007] (divorced)
      m. Claudia Zacchara [2008–09] (widowed)
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage) 
      m. Brenda Barrett [2011] (widowed)
    a. Trevor Lansing (died 2009)
      c. Ric Lansing (born 1973)
        m. Elizabeth Webber [2003–04] (divorced twice)
          c. Unnamed child (miscarriage) 
        m. Alexis Davis [2004–06] (divorced)
          c. Molly Lansing (born 2005; revised to 1997)
  a. Janine Matthews
    c. Courtney Matthews (born 1982; died 2006)
      m. A. J. Quartermaine [2002–06] (dissolved) 
      a. Jason Morgan
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      m. Jason Morgan [2003–04] (invalid)
      m. Jasper Jacks [2005–06] (invalid)
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Elizabeth Webber as surrogate)
      a. Nikolas Cassadine (engaged) 
        c. Spencer Cassadine


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