Corman Common Lisp

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Corman Common Lisp
Developer(s) Corman Technologies
Initial release 1995
Stable release 3.0.1 / Sept. 14, 2006
Operating system Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003
Available in Common Lisp
Type Compiler and runtime
License Commercial

Corman Common Lisp is a commercial implementation of the Common Lisp programming language featuring support for the Windows operating system.


Corman Common Lisp is commercial software.[1] In 2013 Roger Corman, the author, indicated he considers converting it to open source.[2]


Corman Common Lisp was designed and implemented by Corman Technologies, since 1995. Previously they developed PowerLisp for the Mac, but Corman CL was a complete rewrite for Windows. (PowerLisp is no longer developed or supported). They developed and maintained Corman CL, with new major releases approximately every 18 months (and minor updates more often), until 2006.[3] The CLOS implementation was originally from Art of the Metaobject Protocol Closette, and then extensively rewritten to add missing Common Lisp features and to improve performance.

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