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Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Cornbrook
Cornbrook Metrolink station (11).JPG
A M5000 at Cornbrook Metrolink station
Cornbrook is located in Manchester_Metrolink
Location of Cornbrook in Greater Manchester
Place St George's
Local authority Manchester
Coordinates 53°28′12″N 2°16′03″W / 53.4700°N 2.2675°W / 53.4700; -2.2675Coordinates: 53°28′12″N 2°16′03″W / 53.4700°N 2.2675°W / 53.4700; -2.2675
Grid reference SJ823971
Platforms 2
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone A
Present status In operation
Original operator Metrolink
Opened 6 December 1999
(For interchange only)
3 September 2005
(For entry and exit)
Portal icon UK Trams portal

Cornbrook Metrolink station is a tram stop on Greater Manchester's light rail Metrolink system. It is an interchange station, allowing passenger transfer between the network's Altrincham, Eccles and South Manchester Lines. Located in the St George's area of Manchester, the station opened on 6 December 1999 (purely for line transfers) and allowed street-level entry and exit to the public from 3 September 2005. It takes its name from being at the north side of Cornbrook Road, which is between the A56 road and Pomona Docks on the Manchester Ship Canal, and was built on what was a Cheshire Lines Committee route to Manchester Central railway station.

As well as two through platforms, Cornbrook Metrolink station had a bay platform at its eastern, Manchester-end, which was taken out of use and the tracks lifted during renovation in August 2009. Cornbrook Metrolink station will be the terminus of a MediaCityUK shuttle service, although the branch is currently being served by passenger services to Eccles Interchange.[1]


The stop opened with the Eccles extension on 6 December 1999 with two through platforms and a Manchester facing bay platform for terminating trams. Cornbrook was unique when opened as there was no access to/from the street, the stop being used for transfer between Bury-Altrincham line trams and Eccles line trams. Due to security issues and a low estimated usage, Cornbrook was initially intended for interchange only, passengers transferring between the Altrincham and Eccles lines.

Because of a rise in the local population due to new residential developments, particularly on Ellesmere Street, the stop's emergency exit staircase to the street was converted into a full passenger entrance/exit, which opened on 3 September 2005. There are plans to relocate the entrance as part of the "Cornbrook Hub" redevelopment.[2]

During August 2009, the track layout was extensively remodelled to accommodate the MediaCityUK tram service and as a result the track was removed from the bay platform reducing the number of platforms to 2. However the infrastructure remains and the platform could be reinstated if the need arises.

This is the second station in this locality as Cornbrook railway station was opened to serve Pomona Gardens on the south side of Cornbrook Road on 1 June 1856 by the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway (MSJAR), which runs parallel to the Metrolink at this point. The first station closed on 31 May 1865.


Cornbrook is located on the Altrincham, Eccles, South Manchester and Airport lines.

Altrincham Line[edit]

Trams to Altrincham stop every 6 minutes during the day, Mondays to Saturdays, every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday evenings and Sunday evenings and every 15 minutes Sunday daytime. Trams from Altrincham towards Manchester and Bury, stop every 6 minutes with the Monday to Saturday daytime service running to Manchester Piccadilly or Bury, while evening and Sundays journeys un to Piccadilly only with journeys to Bury requiring a change of trams at Piccadilly Gardens.[3]

Eccles & MediaCityUK Line[edit]

Trams on the Eccles Line towards Eccles or MediaCityUK stop every 12 minutes during the day Monday-Saturday, and trams to Manchester Piccadilly every 6 minutes. Trams run every 12 minutes Monday-Saturday evenings and Sunday daytime and every 15 minutes Sunday evenings between Manchester Piccadilly and Eccles, which calls at MediaCityUK.[3]

South Manchester Line[edit]

On the South Manchester Line, trams run towards Rochdale railway station via Victoria and Oldham Mumps and to East Didsbury running every 12 minutes Monday-Saturdays and Sunday daytime and every 15 minutes Sunday early mornings and evenings.[3] As of 3 November 2014, additional services run between Cornbrook and Manchester Airport.[4]

Manchester Airport Line[edit]

This runs through Chorlton and Wythenshawe to Manchester Airport.

Service pattern[edit]

At peak times:

  • 10 tph to Altrincham
  • 5 tph to Eccles
  • 5 tph to MediaCityUK
  • 5 tph to East Didsbury
  • 5 tph to Manchester Airport
  • 10 tph to Piccadilly
  • 5 tph to Ashton
  • 5 tph to Bury via Market Street
  • 5 tph to Rochdale Town Centre via Oldham Mumps
  • 5 tph to terminate here (from Manchester Airport)

(combined 10 tph to Victoria)

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Cornbrook station is served by bus services on nearby Chester Road. Stagecoach Manchester/Arriva North West service 84 runs to Reddish via Chorlton, West Didsbury and East Didsbury and Stagecoach service 255 runs to Partington via Stretford and Urmston. Both services run to Manchester, terminating at Piccadilly Gardens.[5]


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