Cornelian Bay, Tasmania

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Cornelian Bay
Cornelian Bay Cemetery overlooking the Derwent River (Cornelian Bay, Tasmania - 22 June 2009).jpg
Coordinates 42°51′11″S 147°19′9″E / 42.85306°S 147.31917°E / -42.85306; 147.31917Coordinates: 42°51′11″S 147°19′9″E / 42.85306°S 147.31917°E / -42.85306; 147.31917
Postcode(s) 7008
LGA(s) City of Hobart
Suburbs around Cornelian Bay:
Moonah Lutana River Derwent
New Town Cornelian Bay River Derwent
New Town Domain River Derwent

Cornelian Bay is a small suburb in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It lies just north of the urban parkland, the Queens Domain. The bay itself is a safe anchorage for yacht owners.

A waterfront restaurant and boathouses line the foreshore.

Cornelian Bay Cemetery[1] and Crematorium, dominates the surrounding hillside.

An oil refinery and fuel storage depot with port facilities were built on reclaimed land at Self's Point in 1951,[2] between Newtown Bay and Cornelian Bay.


Tasmanian Aboriginal people of the Mouheneenner[3] band lived by the River Derwent in the Cornelian Bay area for 8000 years – their shell middens can still be seen in the dark sands near the top of the low cliffs of Cornelian Point.

The first English navigator to explore the River Derwent was Lieutenant John Hayes – in 1793 he came ashore at this location and named the bay for the semi-precious cornelian stones[4][5] found on the beach.

Soon after Sullivans Cove was settled in 1804, the Cornelian Bay site became the Government Farm, supplying fresh vegetables and other produce for the first residents of Hobart Town.

Sporting facilities[edit]

Cornelian Bay is home to many sports fields and sports headquarters.

The Tasmanian Rugby Union[6] oval at Rugby Park is the home ground for Hobart Harlequins Rugby Union Club, Hobart Lions Rugby Club and Taroona Rugby Club.

The headquarters of Hockey Tasmania is at the Tasmanian Hockey Centre,[7] the location of all Hockey South roster matches. Hockey Tasmania has two teams in the Australian Hockey League, the men's Tasmanian Tigers and the women's Tasmanian Van Demons.

Sport and Recreation House, the headquarters of Basketball Tasmania[8] is also located at the Rugby Park.

The Tasmanian University Boat Club and other rowing clubs are based at Newtown Bay.


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