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Cornwall Seaway News
Type Weekly Newspaper
Owner(s) Transcontinental Media
Founded 1985
Headquarters Cornwall, Ontario
Circulation 38,000
Official website "Cornwall Seaway News"

The Cornwall Seaway News, often known simply as the "Seaway News," is a Cornwall, Ontario based free community newspaper distributed by Transcontinental Media. Its news is updated daily at and it is published weekly and is distributed both in the city, and in surrounding villages and towns throughout the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties. [1] [2]


The Cornwall Seaway News was established in 1985 by Rick Shaver, General Manager at the time, and Dick Aubry, Publisher at the time. It was originally called "Seaway Shopping News." On August 3, 2007, Transcontinental Media announced that it had acquired the newspaper. The newspaper is currently headed by its Publisher and General Manager Rick Shaver. [3]


The front page is often an important community related news story, featuring a large captioned picture. The pages that follow contain an assortment of columnists' contributions, short local news stories, community bulletins, and business advertisements. Beyond these pages, the newspaper has several sections including an education page, horoscopes, classified advertisements, a service directory, police files, a community calendar, celebrations/announcements, and obituaries. The final pages are usually titled "Scuttlebutt," and are intended for jokes and community gossip. The whole newspaper from front to back can vary greatly in size depending on the time of year, but is usually between 40 and 70 pages, most of which appear in colour. [4] [5]


The Cornwall Seaway News is distributed every Thursday inside plastic bags of store flyers and advertisements known as "ad bags." The newspaper is distributed free of charge both to individual residences, and in some cases, (such as in villages surrounding the city) copies are left at a pre-determined drop off location where passersby can stop to pick them up. An issue with this method of delivery is that it is easy for someone to remove a newspaper and leave the ads, which can cause problems. The Cornwall Seaway News is distributed to approximately 38,000 homes. (This number includes the newspapers left at drop off locations.) [6] [7]


The Cornwall Seaway News is made possible by both volunteer and paid contributors. These contributors are listed below:


  • Rick Shaver, Publisher
  • Todd Lihou, Editor
  • Colleen Parette, Production Coordinator/Graphic Designer
  • James Lapierre, Cartoonist
  • Matthew McConnell, Advertising Consultant
  • Steve Jasmin, Advertising Consultant
  • Brenda Deruchia, Advertising Consultant
  • Guy Lalonde, Advertising Consultant
  • Jennifer Mayer, Customer Service Representative
  • Deena Dufresne, Customer Service Representative
  • Diane Lafrance, Office
  • Kim Poirier-Froats, Graphic Designer
  • Josée Pilon, Graphic Designer
  • Christine Gauthier, Graphic Designer
  • Roxanne Delage, Photographer
  • Dick Aubry, Publisher Emeritus

In addition, there are many unlisted employees of the editorial department who are responsible for receiving, organizing, and editing material before it is published. Also, community news stories are written and contributed by a variety of sources.


Below is a list of columnists who contribute weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional pieces of writing for the newspaper.

  • Sultan Jessa
  • Arthur Black
  • Nick Wolochatiuk
  • Thom Racine
  • Elaine Kennedy
  • Brandon Mayer
  • Pastor John Scorgie
  • Joanne Ledoux-Moshonas
  • Jason Christoff
  • Roxanne Delage
  • Sarah Kaplan
  • Katalin Kennedy
  • Robert Kikkert
  • Marjorie McCoy
  • Tony Lakroix

In addition to these regular columnists, readers are given the opportunity to register their own opinions in the "Letters to the Editor" section. [8] [9] [10]

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