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A Dutch company is subject to 25% corporate tax ("vennootschapsbelasting") on its worldwide profits. Certain items of income, however, are exempt from tax and certain costs are non-deductible.

Worldwide profits[edit]

The worldwide income of a Dutch company is taxable income for Dutch corporate tax purposes. Costs are tax deductible. Thus, a Dutch company is subject to Dutch corporate tax on its worldwide profits.


The 2013 Dutch corporate tax rate is applied at 20% for the taxable amount up to and including EUR 200,000. For the excess taxable amount the rate is 25%.


Certain items of income are exempt from Dutch corporate tax. The most important items of income that are exempt are:

  • capital gains and dividends derived from qualifying subsidiaries ("participation exemption");
  • income attributable to a foreign business enterprise ("permanent establishment").

Participation exemption[edit]

Capital gains and dividends derived from a qualifying subsidiary are fully exempt from corporate tax in the Netherlands ("participation exemption"). A subsidiary qualifies for the Dutch participation exemption when:

  • the subsidiary is an active company; and
  • the Dutch parent company holds an interest of at least 5% in such company.

Foreign Branch[edit]

Income received by a Dutch company from a foreign branch is exempt from Dutch corporate tax provided such branch is a permanent establishment or representative.[citation needed]

Tax haven[edit]

In 2009 the White House issued a press release in which the Netherlands were mentioned as tax haven.[1][2] According to various NGO's the Netherlands "can be seen as an intermediary tax haven for foreign corporations".[3][4]

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