Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

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Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge
Corpus Christi Bridge.JPG
The Harbor Bridge crossing into Corpus Christi.
Official name Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge
Carries Motor vehicles
Crosses Port of Corpus Christi
Locale Corpus Christi, Texas
Design Through arch bridge
Height 243 ft
Longest span 620 ft.
Clearance below 138 ft
Opened 1959 [1]
Toll none
Coordinates 27°48′46″N 97°23′43″W / 27.812857°N 97.39527°W / 27.812857; -97.39527Coordinates: 27°48′46″N 97°23′43″W / 27.812857°N 97.39527°W / 27.812857; -97.39527

The Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge is a harbor bridge located in Corpus Christi, Texas which transports about 26 ,000 vehicles per day. It was constructed between 1956 and 1959 to replace a drawbridge. The Harbor Bridge is currently under consideration to be replaced with a taller concrete bridge that would allow larger ships to pass beneath.

A new LED lighting system was unveiled to the public on December 4, 2011, at a public lighting ceremony held at Whataburger Field. The $2.2 million project was a joint venture between the City of Corpus Christi, the Port of Corpus Christi, the Texas Department of Transportation, and American Bank. The lighting system comprises more than 950 Philips Color Kinetics fixtures, and has over 11,000 individually addressable RGB nodes.


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The Harbour bridge, as seen from the Texas State Aquarium.