The Method (novel)

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The Method
Author Juli Zeh
Original title Corpus Delicti
Country Germany
Language German
Publisher Schöffling & Co.
Publication date
Pages 263
ISBN 3895614343

The Method (German: Corpus Delicti) is a 2009 novel by the German writer Juli Zeh. The story is set in the a future "health dictatorship", where laws have been written to optimize the citizens' health. The novel was developed from Zeh's 2007 play with the same title. Reviews in major German newspapers complimented Zeh's focus points and narrative structure, and compared the book to works by authors such as Ray Bradbury and Friedrich Dürrenmatt.[1]


Mia Holl

Mia is the main character of the novel and the character that takes the strongest conversion. She is the 30th biologist and scientist who is a reluctant revolutionist with exemplary adaptation of the METHOD.

Moritz Holl

Moritz is the brother of Mia. He is against the METHOD and wants freedom. In order to have somebody to talk with, he creates his ideal lover, who/which exists only in his head. Before his death, he passes his ideal lover on to his sister, Mia.

The ideal lover

As already mentioned, she is the fictional mentor of Moritz and Mia. She is passed on to Mia by his creator with the duty, not to let Mia forget Moritz' revolution against the METHOD and his wishes to be free. Also she makes Mia to see the disadvantages of the METHOD.


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