Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae

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Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae
Text (the History of Nikephoros Gregoras) from the CSHB

The Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (Latin: "Corpus of Byzantine history writers"), frequently referred to as the CSHB or Bonn Corpus, is a monumental fifty-volume series of primary sources for the study of Byzantine history (c. 330–1453), published in the German city of Bonn between 1828 and 1897. Each volume contains a critical edition of a Byzantine Greek historical text, accompanied by a parallel Latin translation. The project, conceived by the German Classicists August Immanuel Bekker and Barthold Georg Niebuhr, sought to revise and expand the original twenty-four volume Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (sometimes called the Byzantine du Louvre), published in Paris between 1648 and 1711 under the initial direction of the Jesuit scholar Philippe Labbe. The series was first published by the University of Bonn; however, after Niebuhr's death in 1831, the project moved to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin.

In 1966, the International Association of Byzantine Studies founded an initiative aimed at revising and updating the Bonn edition of the CSHB. This project, published as the Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae, is still ongoing.


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