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A correspondence chess server is a server used to play correspondence chess. Instead of players directly emailing moves to each other, the game is played on a clickable board on a web page, which keeps track of all the moves. The web server emails each player when it is his or her turn. This helps ensure email privacy, and avoids the potential pitfalls of using email clients, such as viruses. It also eliminates the need for players to maintain their own chessboards.

Most correspondence servers have move validation and check for stalemate and checkmate. This eliminates the sending of illegal moves, which would then have to be corrected.

One of the drawbacks of a correspondence server is downtime. If the server is unavailable for any reason, the games it is serving cannot be played.

There are several good and reliable correspondence chess servers. These have all-play-all tournaments, knockout tournaments, rest of world matches, annotated games facility, and other social facilities and features.