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Corsair may refer to:



  • Edsel Corsair, an American automobile of the late fifties
  • Ford Corsair, a British car model of the late 1960s, and an Australian model of the late 1980s
  • Corsair, a GWR 3031 Class locomotive that was built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915
  • Corsair (dinghy), a class of sixteen-foot three-handed sailing dinghies
  • Corsair Trimaran, built by Corsair Marine
  • Corsair motorcycle, built by Cotton
  • Cessna 425, originally known as Corsair


  • Corsair International (formerly Corsairfly and Corsair), a French airline
  • Corsair Components, a hardware company that specializes in designing and manufacturing computer memory, power supply units and computer cases


Four famous yachts owned and later built by J. Pierpont Morgan and J. Pierpont Morgan Jr. were named Corsair giving their names to Morgan enterprises.

  • Corsair an existing 185 ft (56 m) foot yacht on which Morgan placed an option in 1881 that may sometimes be seen as Corsair I
  • Corsair II a 241 ft (73 m) foot yacht built by Morgan in 1891 and serving as USS Gloucester during the Spanish American War
  • Corsair III a 304 ft (93 m) foot yacht built in 1898 by Morgan that served the Navy and also as the Coast and Geodetic Survey until 1944
  • Corsair IV was a 343 ft (105 m) foot yacht built in 1930 for J.P. Morgan Jr. and turned over to the British Admiralty in 1940


  • Corsair (Novell), a former operating system and user interface project for NetWare

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