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Corsican Assembly
L'Assemblée de Corse
Assemblea di Corsica
Founded 2 March 1982
President of the Assembly
Dominique Bucchini, Left Front
since 2010
Seats 51
Political groups
Radical Party of the Left (24)
Presidential Majority (12)
Party of the Corsican Nation (11)
Corsica Libera (4)
Last election
Meeting place
Ajaccio Grand Hôtel Continental.jpg
Grand Hôtel d'Ajaccio et Continental, Ajaccio
Assemblée de Corse-Assemblea di Corsica (French)

The Corsican Assembly (French: L'Assemblée de Corse; Corsican: Assemblea di Corsica) is the unicameral legislative body of the territorial collectivity of Corsica. It has its seat at the Grand Hôtel d'Ajaccio et Continental, in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio.


Before 1975, Corsica was a départment of the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

On 2 March 1982, a law was passed that gave Corsica the status of territorial collectivity (collectivité territoriale), abolishing the Corsican Regional Council which had existed before. Unlike the regional councils, the Corsican Assembly has executive powers over the island.

In 1992, three institutions were formed in the territorial collectivity of Corsica:


Members of the Corsican Assembly were first called "territorial councillors" in reference to Corsica's status as a collectivité territoriale. Members are now called "Councillors of the Corsican Assembly", or in unofficial and everyday speech, just "Councillors".


  • Economic development
  • Taxation
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Education and training
  • Language
  • Transport
  • Forrestry and agriculture
  • Culture
  • Tourism
  • Sports & youth


There are 51 members of the Assembly, elected for a six-year term via a closed party list and two rounds of voting. To pass beyond the first round, a candidate requires an absolute majority, whereas in the second round a plurality is sufficient.

The list that wins in the first or second round automatically obtains three seats as a "premium to the majority". The other seats are distributed based on proportional representation.

At the first meeting of Assembly Councillors after an election, the councillors elect an Assembly President in a plurality ballot. This is also a two round contest, with an absolute majority required to proceed to the second round. At the same time as the election of the President, the Assembly also elects the ten members that will make up the President's Committee (bureau.

In contrast to the executives of the regional councils, Assembly Councillors may not also be members of the Corsican Executive Council. Election to the executive requires resignation from the Assembly.

2010 regional election results[edit]

Territorial Election 2010: Corsica
List Candidates Votes % ±% Seats ±
Presidential Majority Camille de Rocca Serra 27,903 21.34
Party of the Corsican Nation Gilles Simeoni 24,057 18.40
Left Radical Paul Giacobbi 20,242 15.48
FG Dominique Bucchini 13,108 10.02
Corsica Libera Jean-Guy Talamoni 12,236 9.36
Left Radical Émile Zuccarelli 10,523 8.05
Miscellaneous left Simon Renucci 8,688 6.64
MoDem Jean Toma 5,554 4.25
FN Antoine Cardi 5,438 4.16
Independent Ecological Alliance Jean-François Baccarelli 2,426 1.86
Miscellaneous right Jean-François Battini 599 0.46
Turnout 130,774 61.31
Left Radical Paul Giacobbi 52,663 36.62 24
Presidential Majority Camille de Rocca Serra 39,765 27.65 12
Party of the Corsican Nation Gilles Simeoni 37,224 25.88 11
Corsica Libera Jean-Guy Talamoni 14,159 9.85 4
Turnout 143,811 67.42

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Members since 2010:


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