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Corte, Cortes and Cortez are names of Latin origin, meaning "court(s)" or "cut(s)". They may refer to:




Other uses[edit]

  • Cortez, alias of trance music duo Agnelli & Nelson
  • Cortez Motor Home, a Class-A motor coach made in the U.S. from 1963-1979
  • Nike Cortez, a type of running shoe
  • Elisa Diana, a character from the American Broadcasting Company's popular TV drama, Lost
  • Cortez, alias Manny Chavez (Red Kin), a fictional character from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall
  • Cortez the Pirate King from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Fabian Cortez, a Marvel Comics supervillain
  • Sergeant Cortez, protagonist of the TimeSplitters video game series
  • Ian Cortez, a Cuban intelligence agent working for the Colombian Cartel in the novel/film Clear And Present Danger
  • Henry Cortez, a character in the Millennium series of novels by Stieg Larsson
  • Gregorio, Ingrid, Carmen, and Juni Cortez, characters in the Robert Rodriguez films Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2

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