Cortewalle Castle

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Cortewalle Castle
Coordinates 51°12′50″N 4°15′54″E / 51.2138°N 4.2650°E / 51.2138; 4.2650Coordinates: 51°12′50″N 4°15′54″E / 51.2138°N 4.2650°E / 51.2138; 4.2650
Type Castle
Site history
Built 15th Century
Materials White sandstone

Cortewalle Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Cortewalle) is a moated castle in Beveren in East Flanders, Belgium.

The castle dates back to the 15th century, and is one of the oldest in the Waasland. It is built of white sandstone, in Flemish Renaissance style. For centuries it was in the possession successively of the Triest, Goubau and de Brouchoven de Bergeyck families, until the Brouchovens sold it to the municipality of Beveren, who use it for the storage of the extensive and important De Bergeyck archives. Cortewalle Castle is situated at an elevation of 10 meters.

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