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Corum may refer to:


Social Networks[edit]

Geographical designations[edit]

  • Çorum, inland city (33rd largest) in Turkey, which serves as capital of Çorum Province; 2009 population: 206,572
  • Çorum Province, administrative district in Turkey's Black Sea Region, bordering on Central Anatolia Region; 2007 population: 560,488
  • Corum (Montpellier), large building centrally located in French city of Montpellier which houses 6000 sq/m conference center and 2010-seat Berlioz opera house

Select elements in works of English author Michael Moorcock[edit]

  • Corum Jhaelen Irsei, protagonist in a series of fantasy books published between 1971 and 1974; commonly referenced as Corum
  • Corum, supplement to role-playing game Stormbringer, published in 2001 by Darcsyde Productions

Uses in industry and manufacturing[edit]

  • Corum (watchmakers), Swiss manufacturing concern based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton of Neuchâtel, which has been producing timepieces since 1955
  • Corum Digital (software company), Canadian software company based in Woodbridge, Ontario, which has pioneered several systems since 1990. They are currently focused in the digital signage sector.