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Corus Entertainment Inc.
Traded as TSXCJR.B
Industry Media
Founded Toronto, Ontario (1999)
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people
John M. Cassaday
President / CEO
Heather Shaw
Executive Chair
Products Broadcasting, Advertising, Publishing, Television production
Revenue Increase$768.7 million CAD
Number of employees
2,086 (2008)[1]

Corus Entertainment is a publicly traded Canadian media and entertainment conglomerate.

Corus is a leading Canadian specialty television and radio producer, with additional assets in pay television, advertising services, television broadcasting, children's book publishing and children's animation. The company’s multimedia entertainment brands include YTV, Treehouse TV, W Network, Movie Central, CMT, Teletoon, Teletoon Retro, Encore Avenue, Nelvana, Nickelodeon Canada, ABC Spark, Cartoon Network and Kids Can Press.

Their radio division includes radio stations in major markets like Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Corus owns 39 radio stations in Canada, and is Canada's fourth largest radio broadcaster, behind Bell Media Radio, Newcap Radio and Rogers Media. It was the largest owner of radio stations in Canada until 2007, when Astral Media acquired Standard Broadcasting from Slaight Communications.

Corus Entertainment's voting majority is held by the company's founder J. R. Shaw and his family, which also owns cable operator and media group Shaw Communications Inc. (Shaw Cable, Shaw Broadcast Services, and Shaw Media), from which Corus was spun off in 1999.

Relationship with Shaw Communications[edit]

Corus Entertainment was formed from media assets that had been owned by Shaw Communications.[2]

Shaw and Corus continue to be controlled by the Shaw family, and as a result, media reports have sometimes erroneously referred to Corus as a subsidiary of Shaw. In fact, Shaw and Corus are independent, publicly traded companies, with separate management teams and separate boards of directors.

Nonetheless, some reports indicate that the two companies continue to have a close relationship.[3] For several years, Corus managed advertising operations (such as TV listings channels) for Shaw's cable systems, although this operation has since been discontinued. Executives have also occasionally moved between the two companies, with former Corus Television president Paul Robertson joining Shaw to head Shaw Media (the former Canwest broadcasting operations) in 2010.[3]

Following Shaw's 2010 acquisition of Canwest's TV assets, the two companies incidentally became partners in certain channels including Dusk (later replaced by ABC Spark) as well as Food Network Canada; these partnerships were unwound in 2013.[4] Otherwise, there has been no connection or common programming between Corus's conventional and specialty television operations and those of Shaw Media. For example, Corus owns three over-the-air TV stations that are CBC affiliates, and there is no indication of those stations switching to the Shaw-owned Global network.

However, due to its connections to Shaw, Corus Entertainment is considered to be a related company to Shaw in regards to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) "3:1 rule", which requires service providers to carry three channels from other broadcasters for each service they carry that is owned by a company related to the service provider.[5]

Recent transactions[edit]

On April 30, 2010, it was announced that all Corus Québec stations, with the exception of CKRS, would be sold to Cogeco for $80 million, pending CRTC approval.[6] Corus's reason for the sale is that their Quebec radio stations are less profitable than their stations in other parts of Canada.[7] However, Cogeco must either apply with the CRTC for an exemption from the common ownership policy, or sell off some of these (or their own) stations as they will be over the maximum allowable number of stations in Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke. On June 25, it was reported that Corus had agreed to sell CKRS to Radio Saguenay, a local business group.[8]

The sale of the Corus Québec stations was approved by the CRTC on December 17, 2010, on the condition that Cogeco-owned CJEC-FM and Corus-owned CFEL-FM and CKOY-FM be sold to another party by December 2011.[9] On January 13, 2011, competing broadcaster Astral Media announced that they would seek legal action to stop the sale of these stations to Cogeco, citing the fact that it would own more stations than Astral in the Montreal market, making the competition unfair.[10]

In March 2013, as part of Bell Canada's proposed acquisition of Astral Media, Corus reached a tentative deal to acquire Astral's stakes in Historia, Séries+, and the Teletoon networks, along with several radio stations, for $400.6 million. This aspect of the deal, intended to quell concerns from the CRTC regarding Bell's total market share after the merger, was approved by the Competition Bureau on March 18, 2013.[11][12] In an unrelated deal, Corus also announced that it would acquire Shaw Media's stakes in ABC Spark, Historia, and Séries+ in exchange for cash and its minority stake in Food Network Canada. In the case of Historia and Séries+, if both the Astral and Shaw deals are approved, Corus will gain full ownership of the networks.[13] Corus has indicated that as a whole, these acquisitions are intended to expand its operations in the competitive Quebec market. Corus also plans to open a new office in Montreal following the acquisitions.[13]

Sponsorships and industry partnerships[edit]

Corus is an industry sponsor of the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus.[14] Gary Maavara, Corus' General Counsel, sits on the campus' advisory board.[15]

Corporate governance[edit]

Board of directors[edit]

Current members of the board of directors of Corus Entertainment are: Fernand Bélisle, John Cassaday, Dennis Erker, Carolyn Hursh, Barry James, Wendy Leaney, Ronald Rogers, Cathy Roozen, Terrance Royer, Julie Shaw, and Heather Shaw.

Key executives[edit]

  • John Cassaday, President and CEO -to be retired in March 2015
  • Doug Murphy, Executive Vice President and COO
  • Gary Maavara, Executive VP and General Counsel, Corporate Secretary
  • Heather Shaw, Executive Chair
  • Tom Peddie, Senior VP and CFO
  • Scott Dyer, Executive VP, Strategic Planning and Chief Technology Officer
  • Chris Pandoff, Executive VP and President of Corus Radio
  • Judy Adam, VP Finance
  • Mario Cecchini, VP Corus Eastern Ontario/Quebec
  • Tracy Ewing, VP Communications
  • Kathleen McNair, Executive VP, Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Chief Integration Officer
  • Jack Perraton, Corporate Secretary
  • Maria Hale, VP Television, Pay TV, Corus Entertainment

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