Corvette K-225

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Corvette K-225
Corvette K-225 1943 poster.jpg
1943 Theatrical Poster
Directed by Richard Rosson
Produced by Howard Hawks
Written by John Rhodes Sturdy
Starring Randolph Scott
Ella Raines
Barry Fitzgerald
Andy Devine
Fuzzy Knight
Noah Beery, Jr.
Music by David Buttolph
Cinematography Tony Gaudio
Harry Perry
Edited by Edward Curtiss
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
  • September 29, 1943 (1943-09-29)
Running time
98 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Corvette K -225 is a 1943 film starring Randolph Scott and Ella Raines. It was released in the UK as The Nelson Touch. Tony Gaudio was nominated for the 1943 Academy Award for Best Cinematography (B&W) for his work on the film.

It featured a fictional ship in the Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Donnacona, which was played by HMCS Kitchener (K225).


In 1943, Lt Cdr McLain (Scott) has just lost his ship as well as two-thirds of his crew due to enemy action. He is allocated a new ship and while waiting for it to be built, befriends the sister of one of his dead officers. Things become somewhat complicated when one of the replacement officers turns out to be another brother. The brand new HMCS Donnacona is assigned to accompany a convoy of ships from Nova Scotia to England. Along the way the ship encounters many of the trials of war.


Production notes[edit]

It was produced between February 4 and early May 1943. The working title of this film was "Corvettes in Action". While much of the film was made on a sound stage, parts of it, notably an outdoor scene at the University of King's College Halifax, were filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where many of the corvettes were stationed and from which many trans-Atlantic convoys were assembled. As the location was a wartime secret, Halifax is referred to as "Hannington Harbour" in the film. The scenes of the shipyard were filmed at Saint John, NB as you can see the old General Hospital which sat on a high hill overlooking the ship yard in a few scenes; the hospital has since been demolished.


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