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Cory Burnell
Born 1976 (age 37–38)
San Diego, California, United States
Residence California
Occupation Financial advisor
Political party
Religion Christian

Cory Burnell is a founding Director of the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association[1] and the Calaveras county coordinator of the Campaign for Liberty.[2] He was also a founding member of the Christian group Christian Exodus.[3] He has appeared on Hannity & Colmes, DaySide, Conservative Roundtable, The Political Cesspool,[4] The Daily Show[5] and Your World w/ Cavuto.


Born in Southern California, Burnell spent over three years in Tyler, Texas after marrying his wife Nicole in 2001.[6] He and his family then moved back to Valley Springs, California in June 2004. Burnell currently works as a financial advisor.[7] He is a 1993 graduate of Christian High School in El Cajon, California.[6]

Burnell earned a B.A. degree in economics/mathematics from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he played NCAA Division 1 baseball. In 2004, he earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Texas at Tyler[8] and founded his own firm, Burnell Wealth Management,[9] in 2007 when Wells Fargo bought his employer Placer Sierra Bank.[10] Burnell is a CFA charterholder having passed the CFA Level III exam in June 2011.[11]

Christian Exodus[edit]

Burnell was a founding member of the Christian Exodus movement.[8] Founded in November 2003 and officially started in May 2004, this Christian movement seeks to relocate its members to South Carolina with the objective of concentrating enough ideological homogeneity to influence the political process.[12][13] Its ultimate goal was for South Carolina to secede and create a Christian-run sovereign nation.[14] Burnell cites Roy Moore's removal as Chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court and the Lawrence v. Texas case as two turning points that drove him to found Christian Exodus.[15]

Burnell's plans to relocate to Anderson, South Carolina in July 2007 were canceled when his new employer disagreed with his political views. In June 2007 Burnell revealed that his plans to relocate himself and his family to South Carolina had been canceled. Writing in an email to supporters Burnell said:

"I sensed from my colleague on the phone that the firm desired to distance itself from me. Indeed they do, and I received a termination letter this morning. As a result, I no longer have an employment “opportunity” in South Carolina, and having a Biblical mandate to provide for my family, I must therefore remain in California with my existing client base until I find another "opportunity" in the Palmetto State."[16]

Calaveras Tea Party[edit]

Burnell is a founding organizer of the Calaveras Tea Party movement which has held six rallies since early 2009.[17] Sheriff Richard Mack was the keynote speaker at their September 2009 Tea Party where approximately 450 people attended.[18] The movement's largest attendance occurred at the April, 2010 rally when 600 people participated.[19] The Calaveras Taxpayers Association and a Ron Paul MeetUp group, both of which involve Burnell, were instrumental in launching the Calaveras Tea Party movement.[20]


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