Cosmic Avenger

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Cosmic Avenger
Cosmic Avenger
Cover art for the ColecoVision port
Developer(s) Universal
Publisher(s) Universal
Platform(s) Arcade, ColecoVision
Release date(s) Arcade:
Genre(s) Horizontal scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Upright
Display Horizontal, raster, standard resolution

Cosmic Avenger is a horizontally scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Universal and released in 1981. Like Universal's Lady Bug, Cosmic Avenger was not a hit in arcades, but found success and a larger audience as a launch title for the ColecoVision console. It was not ported to other systems.


Mark Bussler from Classic Game Room notes that Cosmic Avenger is the first continuous horizontal side-scrolling space shooter (though it is actually predated by Konami's Scramble). Cosmic Avenger looks quite well and provides a rewarding challenge to the player.[2]

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