Cosmic Quantum Ray

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Cosmic Quantum Ray
Format Children's television series
Created by Mani Bhaumik
Voices of Tom Kenny
Samuel Vincent
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Moonscoop
Mike Young Productions
Method Films
Telegael Torenta
Original channel Hub Network
Original run October 10 – December 9, 2010 (2010-12-09)

Cosmic Quantum Ray is an American animated CGI animated television series. The series premiered on October 10, 2010 on Hub Network the channel replaced Discovery Kids, and ended on December 9, 2010 with 26 episodes. It was produced by Moonscoop, Mike Young Productions, Method Films, and Telegael Torenta. The series had reruns on this channel until November 4, 2013.


Although produced by Germany's KI.KA and France's M6, the show was written in English, the writing supervised by Head Writers/Co-producers and Emmy winners Pamela Hickey and Dennys McCoy. In 2009, the series beat out Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network to win the Pulcinella Award for BEST TV SERIES. The series was created by cosmologist Dr. Mani Bhaumik. Hickey and McCoy based all their stories on principles and theories from quantum physics, with Dr. Bhaumik literally providing the math. Cosmic Quantum Ray is a bizarre comedy/sci-fi adventure (emphasis on "bizarre comedy") that, at the end of each episode, explains the quantum physics associated with a story and/or physical gags found within the series.


The story is about the teenager Robbie Shipton, who has a shoe box leading to the ninth dimension, home of Quantum Ray. Together with Team Quantum, Robbie is taking on bad guys spread over the whole universe, but also goes to school. There he is bullied all the time, like being slammed in his locker. Sometimes it can come out good, because his locker is leading to Cosmic Quantum Ray's Universe. He has to face numerous enemies like Doctor Brainhead and Mother one of the main villains.


Episode Original airdate
Allison Attacks! October 10, 2010
Sliptilicus October 11, 2010
It Was Nothing October 12, 2010
What's Up with Gravity? October 13, 2010
There's a Universe in Scott's Head! October 14, 2010
Olga's Dish of Doom October 15, 2010
Chip Monahan: Alien Squirrel Master! October 22, 2010
What's a Bucketworth? October 29, 2010
Me, Robot November 5, 2010
Are We There Yet? November 11, 2010
Un-Real Estate November 12, 2010
Mr Charm's Bad Vibration November 19, 2010
Eat at Olga's November 22, 2010
Allison's New Pet November 23, 2010
Rings of Fire November 24, 2010
Return of the Alien Squirrel Master November 25, 2010
Hall of Fame November 26, 2010
Here Today, Gone Yesterday November 29, 2010
Pirates of the Dark Matter November 30, 2010
Wild, Wild Wormhole December 1, 2010
Let's Play a Game December 2, 2010
Oh, Mother! December 3, 2010
Tangled Up in Twins December 6, 2010
Cosmic Quantum... Robbie!? December 7, 2010
The Incredible Shrinking Ray December 8, 2010
Ms. Zooty's December 9, 2010




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