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Costa del Este is an upscale area of real estate development in Panama City, Panama, located in the township of Juan Díaz near the border of Parque Lefevre. It was designed with first-world standards with completely underground wiring, residential areas of restricted access, a separate plant for processing waste water, etc..

The Costa del Este project was presented to the public inn 1995, and since then it has become one of the largest real estate developments in Panama City. The 310-hectare area has become an important and unique place in the city, where several skyscrapers are being constructed.

One of its sections, where the Industrial Park is now located, was known as the "Vertedero de Panamá Viejo" because it is a piece of land created by an artificial deposit of material that was extracted to build the Panama Canal for years. This large tract of land was neglected, but recently it has become the Industrial Area (used for distribution centers and merchandise). The remaining sections were mangroves and jungle, where the most modern buildings in this city were constructed. To enable the land of mangroves, millions of tons of earth and rock were poured, mostly from a hill near the Villa Guadalupe area, which was removed completely.

In terms of value of residential projects, the Costa del Este is the second-most valued area in Panama City, behind the Avenida Balboa.


Costa del Este is located in the province of Panama and also in the district of Panama. Costa del Este borders with Panama Viejo to the West, Pacific Ocean to the South, the mangroves and the Tocumen airport to the East, and to the North the South Corridor and Chanis. Costa del Este is located in the Eastern part of the city, and is 12 km away from the Tocumen International Airport. Costa del Este is in the township of Juan Diaz. It is crossed by the Corredor Sur (Southern Corridor), a highway that connects it to the city centre and the Tocumen International Airport. It has sidewalks, parks, recreational areas, a huge central square, resting places, and a boardwalk of almost 4 kilometres long, like the Avenida Balboa.



It’s set apart from the rest of the world, has parks, boutique shops, cafes, cool lunch spots, gyms and other health/fitness related places, and also has an Industrial Park and a Business Park. Costa del Este is a very good place for living with your family. You`ll never step outside if you didn’t want to. But what is it like to live there? I’ll go over that, detail by detail.

In Costa del Este there are two private schools: La Academia Interamericana de Panama and El San Agustín. In March, 1999 AIP (Academia Interamericana de Panama) inaugurated their new building in Costa del Este with 1236 matriculated. In March, 2001 Colegio San Agustín inaugurated their new building in Costa del Este with 2000 students.

There are many good restaurants in Costa del Este. There are different kinds of restaurants and varieties of food. Some of the restaurants are: Cafetería Delirys (Supermercado Riba-Smith), Papa John's Pizza, Pizzería del Este, La Inmaculada, Il Grillo, Rock Burger, Tambureli, Subway, La Vitrola, Baskin-Robbins / Dunkin Donuts, Le Grand Petit-Gourmet, Bachu, Cafe Saquella, Carbón de Mangle, Cozy, Le Petit Paris and more.

The local banks are: Banco General, BAC, HSBC, Banco Panamá, ScotiaBank, BBVA y Global Bank.

Now, there is the first and very good hotel, called The Westin,[1] which is very good for some business and it has a bar and a restaurant.

There are many car dealerships here like Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Honda, Lexus, BMW, among others.









Costa del Este would be a very god place for you to live. It gives you all what you need and everything is right at the corn of your home. I often try to compare parts of Panama with places I experienced back in the U.S. To me, Costa del Este is a place like Miami.

You`ll never get out of Costa del Este if you don`t want to. Everything is there and you don`t need to move.

All there streets are clean and Its very secure for people to live there.

All the people in Costa del Este are very friendly and you`ll never have a problem with any of your neighbors.


Costa del Este is divided into 10 different zones:

  • Costa del Este
  • The Commercial Park
  • The Office Park
  • Heavily populated Residential Areas
  • The Felipe E. Motta Park
  • The City Center
  • The Central Plaza
  • Low density Residential Zone
  • Mixed-Use Areas
  • Public Service Areas.
  • Low density residencial Zone is divided in 3 sections:

In Costa del Este there are three residential zones: West, Middle and East.

In the West section there are six residential complexes: Costa Azul, Costa Bay, Costa de las Perlas, Costa Dorada, Costa Serena and Costa Bella. In the Middle section, there are two other complexes that are called Antigua and Palmeras del Este, in the middle of San Agustin Avenue and Marina del Norte Avenue.In the East section there are nine other complexes: Magnolias, Balmoral, Toscana del Este, Veranda, Puertas del Mar, Villas del Mar, Royal Pacific, Begonias and Camelias.

  • One exit of Costa del Este is connected to the city by a marine bridge of 2 km of length part of the South Corridor.
  • Its principal avenue was named Centenario in honor to celebrate the 100 years of the República de Panamá.