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Giovanni Maria Sforza (Gradara, 24 February 1510 – 1512) was, using the name Costanzo II, Lord of Pesaro from 1510 to 1512.

He was the son of Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro, and of his third wife Ginevra Tiepolo. Giovanni Sforza had been the first husband of Lucrezia Borgia but their marriage was declared invalid by Pope Alexander VI because of the supposed impotence of the groom.[1]

After seven years, Giovanni married Ginevra and they had just only son. Giovanni Maria remain fatherless few months after his birth, on 27 July.[1] Therefore, he became the fourth Lord of Pesaro, changing his name for Costanzo II. Being a minor, his paternal uncle Galeazzo Sforza was appointed ruler.

Costanzo died in 1512 and his heir would have been his uncle. However, Pope Julius II decided to hold the government of Lordship and did not allow to succeed. In this way Costanzo was the last Sforza Lord.


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