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Cosy Sheridan (born December 11, 1964 in Concord, New Hampshire) is an American folk singer/songwriter. Sheridan graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. Her songs cover political topics such as AIDS, prostitution, women's body image, and environmentalism, as well as tending toward the humorous: her song Turboyeast, about vaginal yeast infections, was featured on the Dr. Demento radio program. She lives in Moab, Utah.

Her album, Live At Cedarhouse, was recorded in April 2006 at Cedarhouse Sound in North Sutton, New Hampshire, where she had recorded four previous albums. This album is a blend of audience favorites and new songs. The last track has a variety of outtakes and a live version of "Turboyeast."


  • Quietly Led (1990)
  • Late Bloomer (1992)
  • Saturn Return (1994)
  • One Sure Thing - Live (1996)
  • Grand Design (1999)
  • Ant Hymn (2003)
  • Botox Tango (2003) (a collection of Sheridan's satirical songs with new songs added)
  • The Pomegranate Seed (2004)
  • Live at Cedarhouse (2006)
  • Eros (2008)
  • The Horse King (2011)
  • Pretty Bird (2014)

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