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Cottage Hill Road traverses the southern part of central Mobile County but primarily serves the southwestern quadrant of the city of Mobile. It is also officially designated Mobile County Highway 40.


Cottage Hill Road originates at its western end at an intersection with Jeff Hamilton Road in west central Mobile County. The section of the roadway that lies on the other side of Jeff Hamilton is known as Repoll Road. It continues through the unincorporated areas of the county until it reaches Cody Road (Mobile County Highway 37) at which point it enters the City of Mobile. Cottage Hill Road continues through the south side of the City of Mobile having major intersections at Hillcrest, Knollwood, University/Demetropolis, Azalea, Montlimar/Lakeside, Pleasant Valley and Bel Air. It is a four-lane road (with a turn lane) from the intersection with Dawes roughly a 2 miles west of the city limits until the intersection with Bel Air, whereupon Bel Air retains the four-lane configuration while Cottage Hill continues as a two-lane road until it reaches Grant Street. Cottage Hill Road crosses Interstate 65, the common boundary for dividing the western half of the city from the eastern half of the city but does not currently have an interchange with it.

Dividing Line[edit]

Cottage Hill Road serves as the north–south dividing line for two major roads in the city, as well as a few neighborhood streets. The first major road for which it serves as a dividing line is University/Demetropolis. The road is known as University Boulevard north of Cottage Hill and Demetropolis Road south of Cottage Hill. The second major road for which this happens is Montlimar/Lakeside. It is known as Montlimar Drive north of Cottage Hill and Lakeside Drive south of Cottage Hill.

Cottage Hill traverses primarily residential districts with a few low intensity businesses sprinkled in. It is primarily a business thoroughfare between I-65 and Bel Air, and becomes a completely residential street east of Bel Air.

Amenities & Facilities[edit]

Cottage Hill is notable for having two Wal-Mart neighborhood markets within a few miles of each other despite the fact that both markets are located in areas with a fair number of upper-middle class residents. The neighborhood markets are located at the intersections of Hillcrest and University/Demetropolis.

Mobile Christian School, a private academy affiliated with the Church of Christ, is located on Cottage Hill between the intersections with Woodhillcrest Drive and the Freemont subdivision.

Cottage Hill Baptist School, a private school affiliated with the Baptist Church, is located on Cottage Hill at the intersection with North Demetropolis Road/Honorary Ebenezer Drive.

Elizabeth S. Fonde Elementary School is located on Cottage Hill Road at the intersection with Azalea Road.


Cottage Hill Road is associated with three Mobile City Council districts. Between Cody and Lloyds Lane it is entirely within District 6. East of Lloyds and west of I-65 it serves as the boundary between District 5 and District 4, with District 5 being north of Cottage Hill and District 4 being south of Cottage Hill.

District 4 is represented by John Williams, first elected in 2007 to replace former Councilman Ben Brooks who was elected to a seat in the Alabama Senate.

District 5 is represented by Reggie Copeland, first elected in 1985, who currently serves as president of the Mobile City Council

District 6 is represented by Connie Hudson, who was first elected in 2001

Major neighborhoods and subdivisions located along Cottage Hill Road:

Crystal Key, Carriage Hills, Hickory Ridge, Woodhillcrest, Rolling Acres, Freemont, Wildwood Place, Greenwich Hills, Malibar Heights, Japonica Estates, Cottage Hill Heights, Bel Air, and Grant Street

Coordinates: 30°38′33″N 88°10′55″W / 30.64242°N 88.182064°W / 30.64242; -88.182064