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Transperth TrainsList of Perth railway stations
Transperth Cottesloe Train Station.jpg
Fremantle Line
Street Curtin Avenue, Railway Street, Station Street
Suburb Cottesloe
Distance from Perth 12.4 km (7.7 mi)
General information
Station code FCE
Fare zone 2
Station design
Number of platforms 2
Platform architecture 1 island
Station structure Open Station
Access by Pedestrian Overpass, Automatic Pedestrian Gates
Train transfer No
Bus transfer Yes
Transit guard booth No
Park 'n' Ride Yes
Lock 'n' Ride No
Lifts 0
Escalators 0
Add Value Machines No
Public telephones No
Public toilets No

Coordinates: 31°59′49″S 115°45′39″E / 31.996894°S 115.760939°E / -31.996894; 115.760939

Cottesloe is a Transperth railway station 12.4 km from Perth railway station in Western Australia on the Fremantle Line.


Cottesloe station was originally established as Bullens Siding in 1884. Robert Napoleon Bullen was the proprietor of the Albion Hotel. The station was a request stop. Passengers could stop the train with a provided red flag in daylight or a candle in a jar at night. In June 1892 the station was renamed Cottesloe and became a regular stop for trains.[1][2]

Station location[edit]

Cottesloe station is located on the eastern edge of Cottesloe near the boundary with Peppermint Grove. The tracks lie between Curtin Avenue and Railway Street, two important roads in the area. There are two access points from each of these roads: At the southern end of the platform a pedestrian bridge provides access by stairs to the platform; those on the northern end of the platform require crossing the tracks at grade level to reach the platform.[3]


Apart from B-pattern trains, all trains service Cottesloe station. During peak periods trains operate every twenty minutes in each direction. Trains run every 15 minutes during daylight off-peak hours, and every 30 minutes in the evenings till midnight.[4] Between 5.30am and 6.00pm all Perth-bound trains from Cottesloe, except one, are Midland Line through-services terminating at Midland station.[5]

There is a disused third platform, the original southbound platform. During electrification of the line, the original northbound platform became southbound and the goods platform was converted to northbound services. The goods line originally headed north to service the local Eureka flour mill.[6] A graded grass corridor still marks the site of the track. There was once a manned signal cabin at the western end of the station.

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2769] Cottesloe station platforms
99311 Transperth platform 1W.svg Fremantle All, A, K, L, S Perth
99312 Transperth platform 2W.svg Fremantle All stations Fremantle

Bus routes[edit]

A regular bus service stops on the eastern side of the station. The 102 bus operates at 30 minute intervals with Cottesloe Station acting as its terminus.[7] The 906 bus uses the western side of the station on Curtin Avenue but only operates to replace trains during line maintenance closures.

Route Number Destination / Description
[22665] Railway Street
    102 to Wellington Street Bus Station, Perth via Marine Parade and Stirling Highway
[22057] Curtin Avenue (north bound)
    906 Train Replacement Service to Perth
[22059] Curtin Avenue (south bound)
    906 Train Replacement Service to Fremantle

Zone 2

Preceding station   Transperth Trains network   Following station
Zone 2
towards Perth
Fremantle Line
All, A, K, S
Zone 2
towards Fremantle
Zone 2
towards Perth
Fremantle Line


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