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Cottonmouth may refer to:


  • Cottonmouth, the codename of O-Ren Ishii, Lucy Liu's character in the movie Kill Bill
  • Cottonmouth (comics), a supervillain in the fictional Marvel Comics universe
  • "Cottonmouth", a song from Australian music artist Sam Sparro, off his eponymous 2008 debut album.
  • "Cottonmouth", a song by the Melvins
  • "Cottonmouth", a song by Todd Bowie from his 2005 Lucky Space People album
  • "Cottonmouth", a song by Emanuel (band) from their 2007 album Black Earth Tiger
  • "Cottonmouth", a fictional city and the setting for Rockstar's Manhunt 2
  • "Cottonmouth", a character in the 1978 movie Convoy