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ChargePoint CT4000 family intelligent dual port networked Electric Vehicle charging station with driver services, mobile and web apps.
A ChargePoint public charging station at the Hillsboro Civic Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

ChargePoint (formerly Coulomb Technologies (CT)) is an electric vehicle infrastructure company, based in Campbell, California. Coulomb Technologies was founded in 2007 by Richard Lowenthal (CEO) and Praveen Mandal.

It has announced its expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the opening of Coulomb’s European headquarters represented by 365 Energy Group,[1] a venture of Estag Capital AG, in Berlin, Germany.[2][3] Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint public charging stations are already in Australia.

CT offers ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations. Also CT ChargePoint Network includes public charging stations, a consumer subscription plan and utility grid management technology for electric utility companies to smooth electrical demands on the grid.[4]

The CT Charging Station Designs are the result of close teamwork between Coulomb Technologies and inter4m.


Ford Motor Co. will partner with Coulomb Technologies to provide nearly 5,000 free in-home charging stations for some of the automaker's first electric vehicle customers, under the Ford Blue Oval ChargePoint Program.[5]

Coulomb has announced partnerships with GridPoint and Aker Wade for Level III Fast Charging stations.

Collaboratev is a joint project between ECOtality and ChargePoint.[6]

Charging stations[edit]

In January 2009, the company's first charging stations were deployed in downtown San Jose that drivers can access through a prepaid plan. The company is working with entities in Las Vegas Nevada, New York and Florida to do something similar there.[7]

The first ChargePoint charging stations are installed and available for charging in downtown San Jose.[8] Since its first charging station installation, Coulomb charging stations have been in more than 27 US states, Canada and Europe.

1,800 planned 240-volt charge stations are being built through the ChargePoint America project. Sponsored by Coulomb Technologies, the $37 million project is backed by a $15 million DOE grant, provided through the Recovery Act. ChargePoint America is expected to provide 4,600 networked charging stations to homes and public locations by October 2011, adding to the existing ChargePoint Network. The ChargePoint America project will collect data on vehicle use and charging patterns, which will be analyzed by DOE's Idaho National Laboratory. Coulomb announced on 16 June 2010 that Orlando, Florida, was the first to install a ChargePoint networked charging station under the program.[9]


Over 200 public and private charging stations are currently in Australia in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

New Zealand[edit]

The first networked charging station in New Zealand was commissioned May 2011 in Taupo.[10]

Awards[edit] has selected battery-charging infrastructure developers Coulomb Technologies and Better Place as recipients of its first annual Green Car Breakthrough Award.[11]


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