Council for Catholic Maintained Schools

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The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) is the advocate for the Catholic Maintained Schools sector in Northern Ireland. CCMS represents trustees, schools and governors on issues such as raising and maintaining standards, the school estate and teacher employment. As the largest employer of teachers in Northern Ireland (8500 teachers), CCMS plays a central role in supporting teachers whether through its welfare service or, for example, in working parties such as the Independent Inquiry into Teacher Pay and Conditions of Service.[citation needed]

There are 547 Catholic managed schools in Northern Ireland. According to the latest figures from Department of Education, N.I. Statistics Branch 2006/2007, the number of pupils registered at school in Northern Ireland is 329,583.The number of pupils attending Catholic managed schools is 148,225. Approximately 45% of children in Northern Ireland are educated in Catholic managed schools.[citation needed]

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