Hakka Affairs Council

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Hakka Affairs Council

Kèjiā Wěiyuánhuì
CPC Building 20120712 2.jpg
Agency overview
Formed 14 June 2001
Jurisdiction  Republic of China
Headquarters Taipei City
Ministers responsible Liu Ching-chung[1], Minister
Chung Wan-mei, Political Deputy Minister
Fan Tso-ming[2], Administrative Deputy Minister
Parent agency Executive Yuan
Website www.hakka.gov.tw

The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC; Chinese: 客家委員會; pinyin: Kèjiā Wěiyuánhuì) is a cabinet-level unit under the Executive Yuan of the government of the Republic of China.[3]


The council was originally established on 14 June 2001 as Council for Hakka Affairs. On 1 January 2012, the council was renamed to Hakka Affairs Council.


  • Policies, system and laws and regulations relating to the comprehensive planning, coordination and promotion of Hakka affairs
  • Deliberation, coordination and promotion of local and overseas Hakka affairs
  • Promotion of Hakka language, in addition to planning and promotion of Hakka proficiency certification
  • Planning and promotion of Hakka culture preservation and development
  • Planning, coordination and promotion for Hakka cultural industry development, innovative incubation and marketing guidance
  • Planning coordination and promotion for Hakka communication media and language culture promotion
  • Supervision, coordination and promotion of organizations belonging to the Hakka culture
  • Other Hakka related affairs

Organizational structures[edit]

  • Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center
  • Accounting and Statistics Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Personnel Office
  • Secretariat
  • Department of Communication and Marketing
  • Department of Industrial Economy
  • Department of Culture and Education
  • Department of Planning

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