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Council of Representatives
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Seats 40 members
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The Council of Representatives (Majlis an-nuwab), sometimes translated as the "Chamber of Deputies", is the name given to the lower house of the Bahraini National Assembly, the main legislative body of Bahrain.

The body was created by the 2002 Constitution of Bahrain. The Council comprises forty members elected by universal suffrage.

The forty seats of the Council of Representatives together with the forty royally-appointed seats of the Consultative Council form the Bahraini National Assembly.

The current chairman of the Council is Khalifa Al Dhahrani. The last elections for the Council were in October 2010.

Demonstration of authority[edit]

In March 2012 the Council of Representatives of Bahrain voted to reject a Royal Decree issued by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the first time since the Council’s establishment in 2002. The royal decree wanted to increase the government's share from 20 per cent to 50 per cent in the revenues of Tamkeen, the country’s labour fund. This was rejected by MPs from many parties, who refused to allow the government access to these funds.[1]

Current MPs[edit]

e • d  Sitting members of the Bahrain Council of Representatives (as of July 30, 2012)
Governorate District Candidate's name Affiliation
Capital 1 Adel Assoumi Independent
2 Ahmed Qarata Independent
3 Ibtisam Ahmed Independent
4 Ali Shamtoot Independent
5 Hassan Bukhammas Independent
6 Abdulrahman Bumajeed Independent
7 Abdulhakeem Al Shemri Independent
8 Jamal Abdullah Independent
Muharraq 1 Adel Al Maawda Al Asalah
2 Abdul Hameed Al Meer Independent
3 Ali Ahmed Al Menbar
4 Mahmood Al Mahmood Independent
5 Isa Al Kooheji Independent
6 Abbas Ali Maadhi Independent
7 Othman Sharif Independent
8 Sameer Kadhem Independent
Northern 1 Ali Hassan Ali Independent
2 Sawsan Taqawi Independent
3 Ali Al Dirazi Independent
4 Hassan Al Dossari Independent
5 Salman Ali Al Shaikh Independent
6 Mohammed Ismail Al Ammadi Al Menbar
7 Khalid Al Malood Independent
8 Mohammed Bu Qais Independent
9 Khalid Abdulaal Independent
Central 1 Samia Al Jowder Independent
2 Ahmed Al Saati Independent
3 Adnan Al Maliki Independent
4 Isa Al Qadhi Independent
5 Osama Mihna Independent
6 Jawad Hassan Independent
7 Abdulhalim Murad Al Asalah
8 Ali Zayed Independent
9 Khalifa Al Dhahrani Independent
Southern 1 Jassim Al Saeedi Independent
2 Abdullah Huwail Independent
3 Ahmed Al Mulla Independent
4 Abdullah Al Dossari Independent
5 Khamis Al Rumaihi Independent
6 Lateefa Al Gaood Independent
Source: Bahrain Council of Representatives website

2010 election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 23 October and 30 October 2010 Council of Representatives of Bahrain elections results
Party Ideology Seats
Al Wefaq Shia Islamist 18
Al Asalah Sunni Salafist 3
Al-Menbar Islamic Society Sunni Islamist 2
Independents Various 17
Total 40
Source: "Independents the biggest winners". Gulf Daily News. 1 November 2010. 

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