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For the comic book, see Star Trek: Countdown.
Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 23
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill
Written by André Bormanis
Chris Black
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Production code 323
Original air date May 19, 2004 (2004-05-19)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Council"
Next →
"Zero Hour"
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"Countdown" is the seventy-seventh episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, the twenty-third episode of the third season.


With time running out and the Xindi superweapon about to be armed, Captain Archer has to persuade the Xindi-Aquatics to help destroy the weapon. Ensign Sato is tortured while a prisoner of the Xindi-Reptilians. They had kidnapped her to force her to use her translation skills to gain a third set of codes needed to operate the weapon. Sato's kidnapping provides the proof needed to prod other Xindi factions into the direction of believing Archer that the Sphere Builders, not humans, are their true enemy.

A battle between Archer's Xindi-supporters and the Xindi-Insectoids and Reptilians breaks out around the superweapon. A small squad of MACOs, led by Major Hayes beams on board a Reptilian ship and rescues Sato. She is very sick from her treatment by the Reptilians and cannot help herself. The transporter system is damaged and only two personnel can beam out at one time. Hayes sends one of his men and Sato out first. Another is wounded and is sent out with the last man. Hayes is forced to retreat and just as he is beamed out, a Xindi-Reptilian soldier fires through his discorporating form. He collapses on the transporter platform, crying out and later dies, but not before naming his successor to head the MACO squad.

The Sphere Builders protect the superweapon by creating barriers around it that Enterprise and the Xindi-supporter ships cannot get through. This buys the Reptilians enough time to make the superweapon fully operational. The superweapon departs for Earth, escorted by an Insectoid ship and a Reptilian ship. During the journey, the Insectoids begin to doubt the honesty of the Reptilians, but since the Reptilians have everything they need from the Insectoids (the superweapon launch code), they destroy the Insectoid ship.[1] Archer makes a plan with the Xindi-supporters to board the superweapon and take it out. A sickened Sato goes with the infiltration team so she can guide them through the superweapon.

Reception and home media release[edit]

"Countdown" won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, after being nominated alongside the previous episode, "The Council".[2]

The only home media release of "Countdown" has been as part of the season three DVD box set, released in the United States on September 27, 2005.[3] The Blu ray release of Enterprise was announced in early 2013.[4]


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