Counter-Strike Online

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Counter-Strike Online
Developer(s) United States Valve Corporation
South Korea Nexon Corporation
Publisher(s) United States Valve Corporation
South KoreaJapan Nexon Corporation
China TianCity[1]
TaiwanHong Kong Gamania
SingaporeMalaysia IAHgames
Indonesia Megaxus
Thailand PlayFPS
Turkey Nexon EU
Series Counter-Strike
Engine GoldSrc
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s)
  • TW July 24, 2008
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Counter-Strike Online (CSO or CSOL) is a Counter-Strike game targeted towards Asia's gaming market released in 2008. It is based on Counter-Strike and was developed by Nexon Co. Ltd. with oversight from license-holder Valve Corporation. It uses a micropayment model that is managed by a custom version of the Steam back-end.[2]


The game also features a variety of additions over the international Counter-Strike, such as the introduction of female characters, numerous new weapons and skins for previous weapons. Most of the weapons are "locked" by default, so virtual cash or in-game points are essential to purchase them. Most special weapons, skins, power-ups, etc. can be purchased with cash points. A variety of other special items can also be bought with in-game points as well.

Counter-Strike Online itself is free to play, but some weapons are bought using points purchased with real money. These weapons usually expire after a certain amount of time but sometimes can be purchased permanently during a promotion. Certain weapons and items can be purchased with points that are gained by getting kills, completing objectives, etc.


Counter-Strike Online includes classic Counter-Strike modes and added more. They are categorized as six: Classic, Deathmatches, Zombie Infection, Scenarios, Fun and Others.

  • Classic: Round-based match. The modes available are Bomb Defuse, Hostage Rescue, Assassination and Basic.
  • Deathmatches: Players will respawn immediately after death. The modes available are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Gun Deathmatch.
  • Zombie Infection: Humans must survive incoming zombie attacks. The modes available are Zombie 1: Original, Zombie 2: Mutant, Zombie 3: Hero and Zombie 4: Darkness.
  • Scenarios: A group of 10 players must survive and annihilate computer-controlled enemies to clear specific goals. Some maps have to defeat a boss. Modes available are Zombie Scenario and Human Scenario.
  • Fun: Spin-off modes that are fun to play. Modes available are Hidden, Bazooka Battle, Soccer, Challenge and Item Battle.
  • PvPvE: Player vs Player vs Environment modes that are Zombie Union, Metal Arena, Battle Rush, Zombie Shelter and Beast.


There are many weapons added to Counter-Strike Online. Some of them are purchasable by points, cash and some of them are limited edition and can be obtained by luck winners only. They are categorized into pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns and equipment.


There are many maps available according to the game mode. Most maps available are in Bomb Defuse mode, followed by Zombie Scenario and Zombie Infection modes.


There are many items and power ups sold in shop. Most of them offers help to the players to complete given task more easily. They are sold in cash and points.


On April 5, 2012, Nexon and Valve announced a partnership to develop Counter-Strike Online 2, which is to be based on an enhanced Source engine, and will offer enhanced graphics, powerful impact physics, and more new features.[3] It has been confirmed that Counter-Strike Online 2 uses the same Source version as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, it is not a copy of CS:GO since all the features in game like models, maps and sounds are completely rebuilt by Nexon of South Korea.


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