Countercurrent (PRC faction, Italy)

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Headquarters Genoa, Italy
Newspaper Resistenze
Ideology Trotskyism
Political position Far-left
National affiliation Communist Refoundation Party
International affiliation Committee for a Workers' International
Colours Red
Politics of Italy
Political parties

Countercurrent (Italian: Controcorrente) is a trotskyist faction within the Communist Refoundation Party in Italy.

The group emerged in 2006 as a split from Communist Project, when their leader Marco Ferrando decided to leave the party in order to form his own Workers' Communist Party. For the 24-27 July 2008 congress the faction formed a common list with The Ernesto, another minority faction, and obtained 7.7% of the delegates. In that occasion they supported the election of Paolo Ferrero, leader of the Refoundation in Movement-Being Communists motion, as party secretary, thus joining for the first time the majority of the party.

In 2010 the faction embraced the Committee for a Workers' International.[1]


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