Counterpoints (Argent album)

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Studio album by Argent
Released October 1975
Genre Rock
Label RCA
Producer Chris White, Rod Argent, Tony Visconti
Argent chronology

Counterpoints is a 1975 album and the seventh released by British rock band Argent. This was the second studio album recorded without founding member Russ Ballard. John Verity stepped in to fill Ballard's shoes with the previous album Circus (at the recommendation of Ballard) after Verity's band supported Argent on tour 1974 tour. Phil Collins played drums and percussion while Robert Henrit was ill.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Rod Argent; except where indicated

  1. "On My Feet Again"
  2. "I Can't Remember, But Yes"
  3. "Time" (Jim Rodford)
  4. "Waiting for the Yellow One" (John Grimaldi)
  5. "It's Fallen Off" (John Grimaldi)
  6. "Be Strong"
  7. "Rock and Roll Show"
  8. "Butterfly"
  9. "Road Back Home"