Country Fried Home Videos

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Country Fried Home Videos
Starring Bill Engvall
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 49
Executive producer(s) Bradley Anderson
Mack Anderson
Producer(s) Bill Engvall
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) First Television
Original channel CMT
Original release June 22, 2006 (2006-06-22) – present
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Country Fried Home Videos is a television program that is aired on CMT. It is hosted by Bill Engvall, an American stand-up comic.


The show consists of home videos that people have sent in of things that are humorous and/or amazing with narration by the show's host Bill Engvall, and the winner, chosen by Bill, wins the "Here's Your Sign" award (taken from Bill's trademark "Here's Your Sign" standup comedy routine), as well as one thousand dollars. Bill hosts the show from a diner. The show often features a sound effect of a gun cocking before a video begins and always starts with a disclaimer stating that video submissions depicting intentionally dangerous and/or illegal content will be rejected, and ends with Bill asking a waitress, "Waitress's name Check, please." The overall theme of the show is similar to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Recurring features[edit]

Along with the regular assortment of videos, the show also includes recurring segments. These have included the following.

The World's Strongest Redneck[edit]

The most frequently-seen segment, called "The World's Strongest Redneck", appears in almost every episode. In the segment, The World's Strongest Redneck, Steve McGranahan, does something that takes a lot of strength to do, such as pulling a chain with a car attached to it with his teeth, bending metal objects with his bare hands, ripping a deck of cards in half with duct tape on them, or playing tee-ball with a sledgehammer and bowling ball.[1]

The Great Handini[edit]

Another segment, one that is not shown as often as "The World's Strongest Redneck", is called "The Great Handini". In this segment, a person named Maher Haddad makes noises with his body parts, such as using his hands to perform "Yankee Doodle", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Season 1: 2006[edit]

Episode 101: Crash-a-thon

Episode 102: Homemade Inventions

Episode 103: Judgement Calls

Episode 104: Felon Follies

Episode 105: Bikini Gun Girls

Episode 106: Cars I Want

Episode 107: Nature Vs Man

Episode 108: Moment of Shame

Episode 109: Life Rules

Season 2: 2007[edit]

Episode 201: Brokebike Mountain

Episode 202: Physics Is Hard

Episode 203: Gettin' Bucked

Episode 204: Kidiots

Episode 205: Rollin' Your Own

Episode 206: Wrecked 'Em

Episode 207: Great Americans

Episode 208: Spoiled Sports

Episode 209: Banned In America

Episode 210: Crash Bash

Episode 211: Fowl Play

Episode 212: Brain Drain

Season 3: 2007[edit]

Episode 301: You've Got Males

Episode 302: Unnatural Acts

Episode 303: Agony of De-Feet

Episode 304: Critters Gone Wild

Episode 305: Bullfight Club

Episode 306: Wall-to-Wall Action

Episode 307: Slightly Used

Episode 308: Steer Clear

Episode 309: No Class

Episode 310: All the Fixin's

Episode 311: The Buck Starts Here

Episode 312: Grass Guzzlers

Episode 313: Wish You Were Here

Episode 314: Major Tools

Episode 315: F for Effort

Episode 316: Glory Days

Season 4: 2008[edit]

Episode 401: Nut Jobs

Episode 402: Huge Boobs

Episode 403: Bored of Education

Episode 404: Drag Kings

Episode 405: Face Facts

Episode 406: Yankin' It

Episode 407: Misfortune Tellin'

Episode 408: Dog Daze

Episode 409: Terrain Wrecks

Episode 410: After School Delight

Episode 411: Slide Rules

Episode 412: Turning Tricks

Currently in Production[edit]

Country Fried Planet

A clip show, hosted by Bill Engvall, featuring videos from around the world.

Here's Your Sign Award

A 'best of' special from the first three seasons of "Country Fried Home Videos".

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