Country Land and Business Association

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Country Land and Business Association
Abbreviation CLA
Formation 1907
Legal status Non-profit organisation
Purpose English and Welsh countryside economy
Region served
England and Wales
36,000 landowners in England and Wales
Director General
Helen Woolley
Main organ
CLA Council
Website CLA

The Country Land and Business Association (formerly the Country Landowners Association, and still known as the CLA) is a voluntary organisation in the United Kingdom.


Its members include landowners, business and professionals in rural areas. Members of the CLA own or manage over 50% of the rural land in England and Wales. Membership starts from £157 a year. It is similar to what the FSB offers small businesses: commercial support and a local advice network.


The CLA was founded in 1907. It should not be confused with the Countryside Alliance.


It considers itself to be the "premier organisation safeguarding the interests of those responsible for land, property and business throughout rural England and Wales", and lobbies to protect its members' interests in relation to rural issues.

Regional offices[edit]

It has nine regional offices:


Areas in which it is active include the right to roam, avian influenza, reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy, flooding and coastal erosion, the quality of British food, heritage, planning and housing, renewable energy and taxation.

CLA Game Fair[edit]

The CLA Game Fair is the largest countryside event in the world, attracting over 1000 exhibitors and roughly 150,000 visitors over the 3 days of the show. The CLA Game Fair Director is Andrew Crawford.


It publishes the Land and Business Magazine.

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