Country Style (TV series)

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Country Style
Format musical variety
Starring Peggy Ann Ellis (host)
Country of origin United States
Executive producer(s) Owen Bradley
Harold Bradley
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel DuMont
Original run July 29, 1950 – November 25, 1950

Country Style is an American musical variety show on the DuMont Television Network from July 29 to November 25, 1950, on Saturday nights from 8–9 p.m. Eastern Time

The setting was a small town bandstand on a Saturday night. Musical numbers, comedy vignettes and square dancing took place around the bandstand, where Alvy West and the Volunteer Firemens' Band played. The host was Peggy Ann Ellis. Regulars included Pat Adair, Bob Austin, Emily Barnes, Gordon Dilworth, and The Folk Dancers.

As with most DuMont series, no episodes are known to survive. This series should not be confused with the radio and TV series Country Style, USA (1957-60).

Jimmy Dean program[edit]

During 1957, Jimmy Dean hosted Country Style, a daytime TV version of The Jimmy Dean Show, which aired on WTOP-TV in Washington, DC on weekday mornings.

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