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Type Subsidiary
Industry Supermarket chain
Number of locations 75
Area served Midwestern/Southern U.S.
Parent SuperValu Inc.

County Market is a supermarket chain operating in the Midwestern and Southern regions of the United States.[1] Presently, more than 75 independently-owned County Market stores operate in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin[1] and is part of the SuperValu Inc. company.

County Market operates a "no frills," "no gimmicks," "no loyalty card" deep discount, bottom line pricing business model without reducing quality of its foods and merchandise.


Supervalu Foods acquired Cub Foods in 1980, a chain founded in suburban Minneapolis in 1968. Cub opened as a "no frills" grocery warehouse business model with bare bones buildings, industrial shelving and check stands with conveyor belt.

A County Market store in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Many stores are located in smaller cities and towns, and most feature an in-store bakery and deli.[1]

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